Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Week of Love: Day 3, I LOVE YOU! Yes, you.

If you recall my new year's resolution was to love more and better. Since this is the week before Valentine's day (and my previous valentine's day tradition involved going to the movies alone - usually to some really couple-y movie...) and all, I thought I'd share some things with you that I love. I can only hope you'll reciprocate the love.

When I first started blogging, I had no intentions of becoming a world famous blogger with a bajillion readers and sponsors. I just did it because it seemed like the best way to express myself, to let out some pent up emotion so to speak. About five years later, I decided maybe it'd be kind of cool if people actually read it - and I started putting a little bit more effort into my blog besides the writing of each post (which as you can assess from the number of typos...doesn't take me that long!).

Over the weekend, Inspector Climate asked why anyone would bother reading a blog of someone they didn't know. I could only say that it feels like you get to know someone. I mean I feel like I know the Evolving Revolver. I hope someday we'll both be in America at the same time. Or I'll be able to make a trip over to Paris. Or she'll come to the land down under. And maybe just maybe we'll be all "wow you're nothing like your blog and this bloggy friendship was a waste of time but let's make gluten free food together anyway" but it seems far more likely that we'll make out dance along the street singing inane songs while shopping for the perfect pair of shoes and having some deep and meaningfuls over bowls of hot chocolate about the state of life.

My point, which per usual I am inarticulately getting to, is I am so grateful for the blogging community I've found. Bloggers placed all over the world who for some reason or another write in a way that makes me visit their musings day after day. I am so grateful for every comment and thankful for every e-mail. I rejoice in every weird search term that brings you here. And I apologise for not having the appropriate information that surely a "Mac and cheese ecards" google search would require. Nor the "Montana decoy Mr t strutter turkey decoy" - did you mean Mr T stutters? Frankly, I think you're a touch of the crazy, but I love you anyway!

A few days ago, Matthew gave me an award, which he describes as "the sweetest award...If you like cupcakes, friends and boats at anchor as the sun sets, this award is right up your alley." I do like cupcakes! And friends! And boats at anchor as the sun sets! after receiving the award you're supposed to list 10 things that make you happy (and mine will be "about blogging")...and then you're suppose to give it to some other people...(I wish I could make heart bubbles leap out of your screen right now - how cool would that be? I also wish I could teleport...just sayin').

10. I adore finding a new blog
9. and you discover it on exactly the right day and there is a post up that is everything you love about the world.
8. I love when I find exactly the right words to describe a situation.
7. I love when someone comes by and says "YES THAT'S ME TOO" to one of my ridiculous fears (like socks) or inabilities (swallowing pills).
6. I loved being able to send an Australian gift to my bloggy friends (TIM TAMS) and wish I could do it on a weekly basis.
5. I love that my blog is a place that is secret from my family - is that weird?
4. And that while it is most definitely me, it is posted under the nom de plume of Deidre.
3. I seriously adore comments. Who doesn't?
2. I treasure the little community that rallies behind me when I am grumpy and laughs with me and at me when I'm socially awkward (always).
1. I adore you. I do.

Here are three of the daily reads that I simply just cannot get enough of (hint, post more ladies. I kid...Or do I? No, really I jest.) (Or do I?).

Diary of Why
Dutch Donut Girl
Kyle Hepp

What do you love about blogging?


  1. i love finding new blogs, i'm going ot go check these out!

  2. DArling, I assure you that while we would most certainly bake lots of gluten free goodies, we would also commiserate over our likenesses! Hot bowl of chocolate - bring it on!

    Also, I want to add to your list - Being able to call people you've never met a friend. I LOVE that about blogging (and definitely include you among them!)

  3. Heee! Thanks! Though I am sadly in the midst of an epic blogging slump. Oh, the guilt. The guilt!

  4. I like that you find good blogs because that means that I get to read some good blogs too.

  5. OOOH, I have to check out those blogs too now!

    Love making Bloggie friends!

  6. Oh, thank you!!!!! I luv you. I have a new follower thanks to you. Yeah!

    Blogging is just plain fun. I've met lots of like-minded (silly) people while blogging, while also making friends with and gaining understanding of those who have a different view of the world. And I cherish the comments I get.

    And I blog because I don't know how to shut up about the nonsense rolling around in my head :)

  7. What I love about blogging is that it makes the world a smaller, more intimate place.

    It's a safe way to explore the planet AND you don't have to pay for travel insurance. Bargain!

  8. Chelsea talks smack - Thanks for stopping by, and you're welcome!

    Ev Rev - You're so right!

    Diary of Why - No, no, no guilt!

    linlah - I am glad we've got a blog sharing system going :) And I am happy to share my finds.

    Jessica - please do! They are amazing ladies.

    DDG - The nonsense in your head? Well, that statement is nonsense, you're brilliant my dear!

    Matthew - that's true although it does make me itch to travel more. I mean think of all the places I have to visit now. Before it was just Antarctica now its Paris and the Netherlands!

  9. If I posted more I feel you (and the entire blogging world) would probably hate me.

    Seba and I have had the same conversation before. I used to tease him about meeting friends online and now he's the one who's all, "Why are you so obsessed with these people that you have never even met?!?"

    That being said, most of the people that I thought I'd want to meet in real life have been as equally awesome in the flesh as they have online. And most of the people I thought I'd hate, I definitely hate. Don't ask me why I met up with them. I guess I just like to give everyone a chance :)

    PS. I don't hate you. At all! Please come to Chile!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! I think this post would qualify for Tribe Talk...come on over and link up!

  11. Such a great description of finding new friends/your way in the blogosphere!

  12. Small world. I came across your blog on the blogess and was scrolling through some of your posts and saw the Happy cupcake award you received from Matthew. Well, guess who gave it to Matthew? I did. I'm continually amazed at how small a world blogging can be.