Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Week of Love: Day 4, The Travelling Edition

If you recall my new year's resolution was to love more and better. Since this is the week before Valentine's day (and my previous valentine's day tradition involved going to the movies alone - usually to some really couple-y movie...) and all, I thought I'd share some things with you that I love. I can only hope you'll reciprocate the love.

I really love to travel. I love seeing new foreign landscapes and exploring places I've never been. Sometimes its as simple as taking a drive into previously unseen (by me) places in Victoria. Sometimes, I need to get on a plane to explore.

The top places I'd like love to go are:

I really want to ride Icelandic ponies across the country side and I love the geology Iceland. There is much cool stuff going there geologically speaking. Le sigh. I mean it's growing in size! Growing! Amazing. Technically I have set foot onto Icelandic shores, I had an hour stop over there once flying to Germany. However, I've never been outside the airport.

I also want to go to Antartica. Hi Penguins! Hi Glaciers! Hi Seals!

And Vanuatu - mmm beaches.
And Greece! Ruins! Pides! Beaches! Oh My!
And I want to check these guys out in the Faulkner Islands. This is a Rock Hopper penguin. They don't really waddle like other penguins they hop. And they belly flop onto rock cliffs and then hop up the cliff face until they get to some fresh water and then they shower and then they reapply their yellow mascara and yellow hair gel and then they let their kids stick their beaks down their throats to get half digested squid. (Ok that last part isn't so cute).

So, that's where I want to go. Where would you loo-oove to go?


  1. Australia.

    You make Iceland sound pretty tempting though!

  2. I want to go everywhere, especially China, France, and a million other places.

    But I also stopped by because:
    I’m passing the Beautiful Blogger Award on to you!

    YUP, YOU!
    You can even visit my site and see it in big, fancified “Matter-O-Facto” and get the 411 / the skinny/ the shiznit.
    Most importantly, the Pic. ;)
    You So Rock! I want to weep at your awesomeness.

  3. Aww those penguins are adorable. They are the sameas the ones in Madagascar right, the tropical ones?

  4. At the moment I want to be on a beach somewhere, anywhere, so long as it's sunny and hot. It is SOOOO cold here

  5. Well, I have to say I've never wanted to go to Australia until last year when I discovered Timtams. Just KIDDING! I mean all the awesome people who reside there and their bad ass blogs! Who knew!

    Right now, though, my list goes: Morroco, Turkey, Portugal, South America, Berlin, London (I haven't been, weird eh?), Norway (or Sweden, Sweden has more awesome artists), Spain AGAIN, Greece, South of France and anywhere with a beach. I nix your crazy Iceland idea in favor of CAMELS.

  6. I would like to see Samarkand and spend a few days on Molokai too. More realistically, I'd like to get back to the UK within the next few years.

    Wow, that could be my more BORING comment ever. Go me.

  7. I want to go all over the place--I'd especially like to go to Japan and Okinawa, since my mom was born there.

    Is it weird that I'd also like to go to the deep south in the U.S.? I just want to see what it's like. I don't know if I'd be completely comfortable, but I want to experience it. I want to ride in a boat in a bayou and see an alligator. Also: fried food.

  8. I really want to go to Ireland. And I want to visit the other islands of Hawaii other than Oahu (though I'd love to go back there as well).

  9. Emily - come to Australia! It's pretty!

    Jessica - I'd really like to go to Vietnam! THank you so much for the award! Let's try to keep the weeping to a minimum though, k? because you cry and then I cry. and eep!

    Sean - Oh - I have no idea. Madagascar has penguins? TROPICAL penguins? Well, fine I'll go to Madagascar too.

    Becky - me thinks you should be a penguin for halloween next year.

    Selina - Aw, that's funny because I was just wishing to be somewhere with snow!

    Ev Rev - 1. I love lists. 2. I super duper-ly want to go to Spain - I know a free place to stay in Barcelona! Let's roll.

    Matthew - Yes, that is the problem isn't it. My next trip will surely be back to the states. But maybe I can stop in Vanuatu on the way? A girl can dream.

    Tina - I don't think it's weird to go down south at all; go to memphis and go to the soul museum. Awesome.

    Kim - Hawaii! Very nice! :) And I'd love to go to Ireland too, something about the green rolling hills woos me.

  10. I just want to see our own country. There's so much of America I haven't seen. I did get the chance to go to England and Paris a few years ago...aside from that, maybe take a Mediterranean cruise someday and get a little of each area? Paris kind of cured me of wanting to spend any amount of time in another country.

  11. hey there! I have the EXACT same map of Iceland posted on my blog because I'm going there for a few days in March with my hubby. It's going to be great, and I'll post some pics up on my blog if you are curious! Besides Iceland (which I will soon be able to check off my list), I really want to visit: Japan, all the Scandinavian countries, South Africa, and Australia/New Zealand. Hell, I want to go everywhere but until travel is free, that won't be possible!

    Love your blog!