Friday, February 12, 2010

Week of Love: Day 5, The Miscellaneous Edition.

If you recall my new year's resolution was to love more and better. Since this is the week before Valentine's day (and my previous valentine's day tradition involved going to the movies alone - usually to some really couple-y movie...) and all, I thought I'd share some things with you that I love. I can only hope you'll reciprocate the love.

The first order of business is that Jessica and La Fin Dumond Farm has given me an award!

So thank you so much Jessica! I feel...pretty. Now I am going to do something slightly out of character and NOT follow the rules (which are 1. Thank the person who gave it to you (check!) 2. pass it on to 15 bloggers who are beautiful and 3. write 7 things about yourself. But you are beautiful and consider yourself tagged by if you so desire to take this award on yourself, it's yours my beautiful readers, all yours.). Today will be the last post of the Week of Love series because I am going away this weekend...and well, I won't have internet! So, I am just going to tell you things I love. Things that make me happy on a daily basis.

I adore rain. Yesterday, it rained so much in Melbourne, that the main street of the city flooded. As I sat in the tram, I watched people who were up to their knees in water and cars who had their front bumpers under the giant puddles (and also created these amazing waves as they drove through - which was AWESOME). It was amazing.

I love dogs and cats. Whenever I pass a puppy on the street I smile. I can't help it. I smile at the puppy and smile at the owner. I ache for a puppy.

I love baking. Today I am going to attempt gluten free lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Yummers! There is something so satisfactory of creating this dough and then sticking it in the oven and having something delectable come out of it. Is it just me?

I love to dance, recently I've really been missing it. I want to start swing dancing again, except it's expensive and um, I'm jobless. So, that'll have to wait a few more weeks. So, instead I get my fill by watching truly terrible dance movies and So You Think You Can Dance.

I appreciate that for 6 years I've made Valentine's day a celebration of me. It hasn't been easy. But going to the movies alone (on Valentine's day, occasionally during the night screening) has given me the kind of independence and self confidence that one can only get from facing things solo. And it certainly wasn't intentional to build this kind of single independent persona.

The first time I did it was so hard. It was first year of college, and I went to see Big Fish at night on a Friday which happened to Valentine's Day. It was the first time I'd ever gone to the movies alone and I was surrounded by lovey dovey couples. The man next to me cried during the movie and his girlfriend/wife hugged him, patted his arm, and gave him a tissue. I was furious at the dude - "MAN UP, this is Big Fish. Not the time for crying" I screamed in my head. Le sigh, perhaps I was just slightly on edge from being there alone...possibly..

I'm grateful that this year, I can take all the self confidence and independence that I've developed over the years and put it into the relationship that I am finally ready for.

And I know, I know, no one wants to read the sappy lovey dovey stuff. But I am so glad he found me.

Let's roll in the love, my friends. What do you love? What never ceases to make you smile.


  1. FYI, if you want a puppy, I have one. I will bring him to you :)

    And I actually like going to the movies alone. I've never done so on V-day but I feel like I wouldn't mind. I'm weird like that too.

  2. What do I love?

    At the right time, in the right mood - absolutely everything. :)

  3. I hope you have a nice weekend. When you get back you'll have to look at my weekend posts. There is one I think you'll like (Saturday's). I thought of you as I put it together!
    : )

  4. It rained so hard here yesterday that our whole street was flooded. There were literally 10s of kids SWIMMING in the street.

    Now what is not to love about that!

  5. Kyle - PUPPIES - I am so very jealous. It's fun isn't it?

    Matthew - Aw, yay. Absolute Love?

    Twenty four @ heart - I haven't checked your post yet. But I will I am already excited.

    Kelley - that's awesome! That seems like so much fun; and it was such a relief after all that humidity, right?