Wednesday, February 03, 2010

You can mess with me, but don't mess with Pamela's Gluten Free Brownies.

It was bound to happen eventually. I mean even the easiest relationships have bumps. What I am trying to say is Inspector Climate and I had our first fight over the weekend. It was pretty dramatic.

See, on Thursday, I went over to Jess's so we could have dessert for dinner. Remember around Thanksgiving when I received a package full of gluten free delight from my mom? Well, Jess and I decided to make gluten free brownies with a twist. The twist being cream cheese swirls. Now, I could wax poetic about these brownies. Paint word tastes about their drool inducing sensibilities. Describe how they defy the gluten-free crumble and slightly soapy after taste that usually accompanies gluten free things. But the truth is there are no words that adequately can demonstrate how fuckin' delicious these brownies are. Well, except for the fact that I needlessly swore. I guess that is telling. As Nick Andopolis said in Freaks and Geeks "it's like you made this in heaven and then brought it down to this table for us to enjoy." Mmm brownies.

I saved two of these brownies for Inspector Climate so we could enjoy the deliciously fudgey gooey goodness together. Because that's the kind of girlfriend I am, plus he has been telling me how much he likes cream cheese frosting for weeks. And when it comes to cream cheese, I deliver. (Except if you want it on a gluten free bagel - because they're gross).

On Saturday, he pulled one out of the fridge for his afternoon snack. He didn't like them. He told me they still had the gluten free after taste (they do not!). I was appalled and horrified and may have said things I didn't mean. He back tracked to say he just doesn't like super rich and sweet food (lies! all lies!)...I turned to my computer to the IM screen where I was chatting to Bobo, as I do, and started telling the horror that was unfolding before me. She was flabbergasted. Inspector Climate tried to bribe her with Tim Tams to join his side, but she knows the orgasmically delicious flavour of these brownies. Oh, does she know.

We took a few moments to calm down. Hugged and went grocery shopping.

The next night, I went and got the final brownie from fridge. I offered a bite to Inspector Climate, out of politeness mostly, and he ate it. Then he reached over to the plate and broke off another piece, and ate it too. Then another. And then another. "You know, these aren't that bad for gluten free" he said. Too little, too late.


  1. Came across your blog via Magneto - hope you don't mind.

    I had to laugh at the telling of the brownies. And considering I'm a chef, if the man has no regard for deliciously fudgey gooey goodness, you've done good to rid yourself of the bum.
    Always, always, ALWAYS; chocolate before boyfriends.

  2. This post contains three of my favorite things:

    brownies, cream cheese, Freaks and Geeks.

    Also, this post reminds me that I can't stand when I'm eating something that my boyfriend has previously said he doesn't like, but he asks for a bite. I'm all, "You don't like this. You told me so last time I asked you to have some." And he's all, "Give me a bite." And then he takes half of it. Damn boyfriends.

  3. Oh well...all the more for you to eat!

  4. Brownies plus cream cheese - sounds like heaven to me!

  5. Jessica - Hah! I would NEVER get rid of him over a brownie dispute! Poor kid has to put up with a lot when it comes to me and food. Thanks for stopping by!

    Tina - How good is freaks and geeks? Seriously, I adore Jason Segel. I don't mind if he legitimately changes his mind. I just don't want him pretending he likes them just to appease me (even if I said things I didn't mean).

    Becky - You know I'll bring you some anyway. But seriously which would rather tim tams or those brownies? i ask you.

    Miss Jill - What a lovely way to think about it, Jill!

    eemusings - oh it is. I highly recommend it (just add some sugar and an egg to the cream cheese and give it a nice hard beating with a hand mixer...).

  6. ohh please, I think those brownies win every time! Especially if they have some homemade raspberry ice cream to go with it!

  7. Maybe it's an aquired taste. Like you aquire it after you fight with your girlfriend.

  8. You had a fight?

    Good. Welcome to the real world. Enjoy the ride.

    I never trust these people who witter on about how they never EVER even have a cranky moment with their loved ones. They're just not normal!

    You're normal though. You've had a fight with IC and now I can trust you - just not with my credit card details though. It's going to take a few blazing rows before I'm ready to share credit card details....

  9. Becky - seriously, that icecream was good. Like really good.

    linlah - HAHAHA. perhaps.

    Matthew - I am not sure we will ever have huge rows. Neither of us are very confrontational - I guess, I'll never know your credit card information :)

  10. Oh dear, how I wish I was in your world of brownie fights. (Ha! Isn't that just kind of silly of me!?)

  11. Well, I just had to come on over and read about the brownie fight. I'd say it rates about a "1" on the fight scale. That's great, except it probably didn't provide an opportunity for good makeup sex :P