Friday, March 05, 2010

How about we NOT draw swastikas anymore? Just an idea, I am throwing to the people.

Today, I tried my hardest to stop being such a whiny, crying, self-involved brat. I tried. I did. I wanted to write a happy post about rainbows and glorious summer days with a cool breeze (which is not in fact the weather in Melbourne today).

I was going to fake until I made it, ya'll.

And as I walked from the train station to Inspector Climate's apartment (I am making him a special dinner of chocolate covered strawberries and caramelised onions and red capsicum and spinach quiche), right in front of his gate was an old computer screen where someone had written "Israe Hell" and underneath was the Star of David with a Swastika in it. And I cried. I'm not even that Jewish. And I know it isn't placed there specifically so I would see it - unless someone is really creepy and has a keen eye for Jew fros - this isn't a personal slight against me. And if it were, it honestly would make slightly more sense to me as someone trying to hurt and offend me. Instead, what did the person get out of it? Why do people do this? Is it just the joy of being provocative? Because if that's what it is follow Lady Gaga's lead and take off your pants...or listen to Katy Perry and kiss a girl (and like it!) ... I just am at a lost.

My arms were filled with bags and groceries and I couldn't stop to wipe it off so once I got the quiche in the oven, I went down with a paper towel to wipe away the hurt. It was written in permanent marker and wouldn't budge. That's the thing about hurts...they don't wipe away.

Yesterday, a little boy went missing in a Melbourne suburb, a three old who was on holiday with his family. I know this happens every day. I know this even happens to people I know (my mom's closest friend when she was child was kidnapped and never found) - people within a degree or two of separation. But I still can't imagine the people who do these things? Who are they? What's with all the hate?

Do I sound naive?

I've lived a privileged life. I am so very grateful for it.


  1. I would be pretty offended if I saw that too, and I'm not even Jewish. It saddens me to know that people are still so closed minded and brainwashed.

  2. Yes I'd also be somewhat annoyed. Ignorant comes to mind when I think of individuals like this.
    By the way if you were to bring me chocolate covered strawberries you could be as whiny as you wanted.

  3. I hate this sort of stupid ignorance. I'm extremely offended by this behaviour and rage when i see racism in any form. I'm sorry you were so upset - these people are only few, take comfort in that

  4. It's OK to feel the anger for stupidity like that. I think a lot of people are lost, and as a result they latch on to anything they think will make them special or part of a group. They are followers; minions of their vegative brains with no thoughts as to the result of their actions.
    Keep being who you are. Your trying to wipe the hurt away, even if it's futile, shows just who you are, and that is one person you should be proud of.

  5. Aww, I'm sorry. I started doing thankful posts on my other blog because I realized that I really am blessed and privileged. It's a sad world where we have to be thankful that our lives are normal.

  6. I think I'm like you....not really that Jewish. But anti-semitism still bothers me. It's not just a personal insult, but reveals the ignorance and narrow-mindedness of people.

    It's depressing.

    People can be so horrible towards each other.

    So sad about the little boy. I'm not sure if I'm thinking of the same one you're speaking of. Either way's tragic.

  7. Barbara - I just hope it gets picked up by the garbage man soon.

    Petty Witter - Haha, I'll remember about the strawberries :)

    Jill - Thanks for the encouragement.

    Selina - I know, I know - I just find it hard to believe...

    Jessica - I am not even sure that they believe what they're writing that they just want to be provocative.

    Jummy - yes, we have a lot to be thankful for.

    Dina - I guess I find it really depressing that after the holocaust and all the horrific racism that goes on today, that we haven't learned our lessons. Ugh.

  8. Disliking someone because of the color of their skin, their religion or their nationality is proof that your thought process is limited.

  9. Not cool. I don't get why people do that either. It's like leaving hateful comments on a blog -- it's pointless and it makes you look like a giant loser if you do it.

    Hope you are cheered up a little more by now.

  10. Ditto what Dutch Donut Girl said. I say spread the difference and enjoy the love that comes back.

  11. DDG - that is VERY true.

    Kyle - I know it seems so arbitrary and pointless.

    linlah - Amen, sister.

  12. My old university had a problem of a random swastika drawer. Then a bunch of copy cats joined in. Fortunately, they took the issues very seriously and it all died down quickly.

    On a happier note, I love how when describing the dinner you are making him you mention the dessert first. That is so something I do.