Sunday, March 14, 2010

Internet, I need your opinion...

So, here's the problem: I've created this life list thing, right? But things don't just happen. You don't just accomplish goals by sitting around, being proactive is imperative. So, I decided I'd start with eating 1000 cheeses - not all at once. No one get excited. As I got to thinking, I wondered about how to list the cheeses I've already tasted. I've eaten at least 15 different kinds of cheddar (nom nom nom)(horseradish cheddar, maple cheddar, jalapeno cheddar, smoked cheddar, extra sharp cheddar, hunter's sharp cheddar, etc etc etc) do those counts as 15 types of cheese? Or are they just variations on cheddar and simply count as one?

Keep me honest Internet, and lay your opinion on me.

and as an aside, do you have a pet cheese that you think should be first on the list? (I'm thinking Camembert).


  1. Yes, they count as 15 different types of cheese. And I'd need to come up with 15 different types of hard core cardio to burn off 1,000 tastes of cheese!

  2. I agree, they count as different cheeses.

    I really like Cambezola. It's a cross between camembert and gorgonzola, and it's a very mild introduction to blue cheese. Enjoy!

  3. they count.... wish I could join you.... cheese good!!!

  4. Mmmmm. My two favorite cheeses (French staples) are Cantal and Comte. SO THE YUM. And you can't go wrong with a lovely round of goat cheese (chevre) or sheep (brebis).

    Seriously? Forget not that France has like 500 OFFICIAL "government" cheeses. So...YA. That's half your quota right there! (But they dont have Vermont aged cheddar, and that is a damn shame!)

  5. You see, I disagree. I think cheddar is cheddar is cheddar. Varying the additions to the cheese don't change what it is...much! It's like eating the same pasta with a hundred different sauces. The pasta is the same but the experience is different. A soft blue cheese is always a must for me or cammbert is delicious ...baked, it is heaven. Oh stop, I have to rush to fridge to see what cheese we have. I think it may be cheddar with chilli ......

  6. The Zadge - Hah, Well, it's not as if I am going to do eat them all at once! It's a process :)

    Aura - Cambezola! I'e never heard of it, on the list it goes :)

    Susan - Thanks!

    Sir Thomas - cheese is good! Yum!

    Ev Rev - Hm, we may need to discuss this cheese thing further. I love me some goat cheese.

    Selina - My housemate agrees with you, that all cheddar is cheddar, but I am still unsure. Such decisions!

  7. It seems you're not the only one out there who loves cheese :)
    I love gouda mild cheese.

    Um, I kind of agree with Selina, but hey it doesn't really matter what we think.

  8. Well, you had me at cheese! If you can, try a cheese called Red Dragon, it's a sharp cheddar-like cheese infused with mustard seeds.

    Dessert cheese - try a Stilton with lemon or cranberry.

    Linking over from my friends Twisted Susan and Zadge. Clearly the chicks that know dairy!

  9. DDG - I am forming a compromise in my brain...I love me some gouda!

    Meg - There is a lot of cheese talk over here at Decoybetty. :)

  10. There are actually 1000 different kinds of cheeses in the world? And yes, of course it counts!

  11. Robiola! For your convenience here's a listing of 400 Italian cheese: