Wednesday, March 03, 2010

LIfe Listlessly Part Deux. And some other stuff...

Oh, friends. This week has been rough. I came back from yoga on Tuesday night and was having trouble breathing and my chest was really tight and I felt a little panicked and I was all "I better eat some food"...And then it happened again when I tried to fall asleep and then there was crying and I thought to myself, "self, mayhap you are having a panic attack?" Hello, Panic - Welcome to my body. So, there is that.

Anyhoodle, the beautiful and talented (I'm not even getting married but I've already hired her in my mind to be the photographer at my hypothetical wedding which may have to take place in Chile just so she's like there, details!) Kyle, was all "why would you want to put your feet behind your head?" (a life list goal). And the only real answer I have there is that, well why not? I nearly can anyway - and it's good to have physical goals...even if they ARE ridiculous.

So here is 26-35...

26. Give a $100 bill to the blind guy who plays a guitar at Queen Vic's Market
27. Learn to "plate a dish" like a five star restaurant.
28. Publish an article in Nature or National Geographic or some other science-y journal.
29. Get an Op-ed published.
30. Get all dressed up for a night on the town which includes a fancy restaurant obviously.

31. (re)Read the classics (Dickens, Bronte, etc).
32. Fix and Fit the dress my great grandmother left me (there is a gorgeous (HUGE) black skirt with a giant red flower embroidered into it). And then wear it...
33. Redesign
34. For a month (and maybe more) I want to celebrate the "Environmental Sabbath" which like Jewish Sabbath would go from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday and would include not using any carbon products for that 24 hours (fridge, lights, internet(!), public transport, stove, oven - blah blah blah).
35. I want to bake and make everything from scratch - this includes the fruitcake and Anzac cookies (I can hear him right now..."they're called Anzac Biscuits, D") that Inspector Climate takes to work (although this is perhaps NOT on his life um...we'll see, maybe mine aren't as good as store bought?) (they'd also be gluten-y...because I love him and just because I can't eat them doesn't mean he shouldn't enjoy tasty snacks) - vegetable stocks for soup, for example.

What are some of the items on your life list?


  1. I'm very happy and honored to be your mind's imaginary wedding photographer. Well, I'm not imaginary, but your wedding (as of right now) is. So I propose that you hire me when you for reals get married and then to celebrate, we make #30 happen. Although really, how about when we finally manage to meet in person we make #30 happen?

    Ok so I'm down with your legs behind your head thing if you're close...but for me, I can't even touch my toes so I can only imagine the kind of torture I would have to put myself through to get to the point where I could put my legs all the way behind my brain. I couldn't understand why someone would want to put themselves through that. But, well, if you say you can achieve this method without torture -- I'm back on board.

  2. Hrrmmmm, now you have me thinking!! What IS on my life list??? Currently having an artistic exhibition in Paris is near the top, as well as writing (and illustrating [and finishing!!]) the children's book. More attainable, less long-term goals are to learn how to cook nearly anything I want on two hot plates and learning to not be afraid of making call backs on jobs.

    I am sorry for your panic attacks, love. I know how you feel!

  3. I hope you're feeling better now.

    Oh, if you do #33 I'll hire you (and pay you with eternal gratitude) to do the same for me!

    No, don't thank me! :)

  4. Making things from scratch sounds difficult and, thus, not on my list. But I like that it's on yours!

  5. Please can I come to your imaginary wedding. Thank you

  6. I now have a bit of a convoluted picture of you in a wedding dress in Chile with your feet behind your head, and Kyle's taking pictures to prove that this did indeed happen. These pictures will eventually make it to Nature or National Geographic or some other science-y journal, which you will show your grandchildren while making them home-made gluten-free cookies from scratch. And these cookies will be better than the store-bought kind (regardless of how they actually taste) because they will be made with love.

  7. Kyle - If I get married in reality, I'll do my best to make sure you're there :) and #30 sounds like a grand idea!

    Ev Rev - Cooking things in make shift kitchens (or with just limited appliances) is definitely a skill! Good luck with your children's book, you'll totally finish that thing!

    Jummy - Ugh, i am not sure I have the patience to do it myself :) ahaha but if i learn how I'll certainly pass along the knowledge!

    Kim - I don't know if "difficult" but certainly time consuming.

    Selina - but of course. All are invited to the imaginary wedding.

  8. Ever try meditation? That helps me with the whole panic thing.
    Imaginary weddings far surpass the regular kind.
    I'm working on splits. I can do the legs behind the head thing because I have freakishly limber hips, but try to get me to do the splits and I look horribly un-limber.

    My life list. I want to explore the world. Period.

  9. You need the Babycakes cookbook. I recently made amazing gluten free dairy free scones. They have tons of yummy treats that you could eat and Inspector Climate wouldn't even know they are vegan/gluten free.

  10. jessica - I go to yoga 4 times a week, which isn't exactly mediation but they do focus a lot of philosophy. I have really flexi hips too! But also cannot do the splits! We have so much in common!

    Megs - sounds like a great cookbook! :)

  11. I was having a very similar week last week. I kept waking up with them. That is not a fun thing to wake up with.

    You inspired me with the life list thing and I have started writing one. It has actually helped me not have panic attacks. Yeah, for dreams and goals.