Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Life Listlessly

I wrote my first life list after I saw Ellen repeatedly bring it up on her show. I wrote it just after having the worst year of my life at Mount Holyoke and I wrote right before my life moved to Australia. Reading it back, it feels like it is written by someone else. Well, maybe not someone else but the child version of me. While I'd still like to be able to do most of those things, I think it is time to make a new list. This is my main issue with the life list idea. I like lists to be fixed things that you cross things off of as you complete them. But life isn't a list of things you accomplish or you don't and while I think writing things down helps to motivate you to do things you normally would put off, I hesitate to think or pretend that this is a concrete representation of what my life will be...and what if I change my mind? What if suddenly owning a helicopter hat is no longer important does that mean I fail at life? But as I said, writing stuff down gives ideas and goals shape that I wouldn't normal articulate to myself or others in a way that makes them real and tangible. And that is important. (I mean just check out what Maggie the mightygirl has accomplished with her life list) So here I go...embarking on another attempt...

This is a rough draft and is only items 1-25.

1. Travel to all the continents.
2. Set foot in all 50 states of the USA
3. Set foot in all states (or territories) of Australia.
4. Travel to Vietnam
5. Ride Icelandic ponies in Iceland
6. Play with penguins in the Faulkner Islands.
7. Travel to Norfolk Island.
8. Sunbathe in Vanuatu.
9. Eat feta in Greece.
10. Travel to Norway/Sweden

11. Put both my feet behind my head.
12. Knit a cardigan by myself.
13. Sew a dress by myself (or with my mom...and then by myself...I am a clueless sew-er).
14. Over come my irrational fear of snorkelling.
15. Try a thousand cheeses.
16. Take care of guide dog puppy for year.
17. Donate $10,000 to a charity.
18. Grow my own veggies.
19. Own a sustainable house/apartment.
20. Get a dog.

21. Take cooking classes (gluten free baking, asian cooking, chocolate making).
22. Continue swing dancing.
23. Take salsa classes.
24. Attend a black tie function
25. Throw a 50's cocktail party with a three course meal.


  1. The list is looking pretty darn awesome so far...sounds like travel will feature quite prominently in your future!

    Are there 1000 cheeses? I'm so plebeian in my cheese knowledge and likes.

  2. This is a great list. I especially like the "get a dog" one. Probably because I love dogs so much. :)

  3. Funny, writing an article about list-making today. Love this one!

  4. The Faulkner Islands? That must be where "An artist is a creature driven by penguins. He doesn't know why they choose him and he's usually too busy to wonder why" came from.

    A great list.

  5. Jummy - Well, I plan to find out if there are a thousand cheeses :) I think there are though...(I mean I am sure there are at least 100 different kinds of cheddar).

    Kim - I know I want one so badly. PUPPIES.

    Candice - Thanks!

    Squid - Thank you :)

  6. #5 is definitely my favorite on the list. I hope you do it, take pictures, and then blog about it.

    #11 is eeeerm, mind boggling. Why do you want to that, I ask. WHY?!?

  7. A great list, I wonder how many your readers share with you. For myself, I share only 6. 7 if you include getting a cat instead of a dog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kyle - Of course I'd blog about it AND take pictures; although probably not very good ones. I have no artistic skill when it comes to composition.

    Petty Witter - which 6?

  9. Stopping by from SITS

    I've made a few life lists and I keep needing to revise them because I'm continuously changing and growing. I did have to lol at number 11

  10. You've inspired me this is on my list for my weekend. Make a life list.

  11. What a great idea (I don't watch Ellen so you're my inspiration).

    Get the dog; it doesn't take as much effort and money as most of the items and you'll get so much love and joy from the pooch.

    Happy SITS Saturday!