Tuesday, March 16, 2010

mmm mmm cammmbert. Life Listlessy: Cheese 31

Last week, my housemate and I were watching a cooking show, as we do. The show was about cheese. Camembert cheese to be exact. Which I missed the part of how Camembert is different from brie - but apparently it is and I could look it up, but we know that's not how I roll. Anyway, so after seeing what they did with this Camembert, I knew that my housemate and I would be making some baked Camembert our selves. To begin: I went to the grocery store because I was short on time, and picked up the most expensive wheel of Camembert they had: $9.99.

Before I tell you how I made this deliciousness, let me apologise for not taking pictures of the final product. See here's the thing, I am an obsessionist. I would either take pictures of EVERY step of the way or nothing at all. So, I went with nothing at all to ease my piece of mind.

Step 1: Boil 3 cloves of garlic until they are soft. and preheat the oven to 200 C (400 F) - the recipe said fan forced...but eek, I don't know if that was a good idea.

Step 2: Place the Camembert in baking dish - I think it would preferable if the dish was just big enough for the wheel to fit in. Ours had a lot of extra room and the oozing was out of control.

Step 3: Make small holes in the Camembert with your finger, and shove the whole cloves of garlic into the little holes you made.

Step 4: Roughly rip up some fresh thyme and fresh rosemary and sprinkle and pat into the Camembert.

Step 5: Pour red wine (I bought a $12 dollar merlot, because I don't drink wine but that's what Housemate drinks - I think any red would do though) over the cheese until it is sitting in a little puddle and the wine is dripping into the holes that you made with your finger.

Step 6: Put in the oven for 15-20 minutes until the cheese begins to ooze.

SERVE. and by that I mean, Stuff your face with warm oozy delicious melty cheese.

Now, Housemate and I served this plate of gooey fantasticness with raw capsicum and raw cauliflower and some gluten free crackers. But I am sure it'd be delicious with anything. It is oozy and sweet and simply drool worthy. In fact, we both were like "how often can we have this before we get sick?" I am pretty sure I could eat this forever (even if it continuously made me sick). It be tasty, yo.


  1. Sounds delicious. I would eat cheese for every meal if I could. I am a proponent of, if it tastes bad, throw some cheese on it!

  2. (I just left a long comment and the internet ate it. I will try to recreate.)

    Sounds delish! Differences between brie and camembert include 1)size. Camembert is smaller. (i.e. you buy a wheel of camembert versus a wedge of brie.) and 2) taste. Camembert is perhaps more delicious? Though I go back and forth. I think brie is milder, though I could be making this all up.

    Yay cheese!

  3. This post is my worst nightmare! I hate cheese. Well, I've tried to like cheese, but maybe cheese just hates me.

  4. This is being served at the next dinner party I have. I think I may have to have it soon.

  5. OMG WANT.

    And just a heads up, I will have your blog open in my browser until my oven is fixed cause this is the very first thing I am going to make.




  6. That sounds so yummy. I'm going to have to try.

  7. Sounds freaking amazing. I love camembert.

  8. Jill - Me too!

    Diary of Why - but if brie comes in a wedge, doesn't mean that it was originally in a wheel?

    Kyle - on no! Cheese doesn't like you? I feel differently about cheese now (not that differently, but a little bit).

    Megs - yay! it was delicious.

    Kelley - I hope, for your sake, the oven is fixed ASAP.

    Lanned - do it, you'll not regret the deliciousness.

    Kim - It was sooooooooo ooo ooo good. I am now a fan, as well.

  9. I dated a guy who didn't eat cheese. It didn't work out.

    I love baked camembert/brie (yeah, I can't taste the difference, even in France). Salt and pepper on top, or garlic, or honey and nuts, and oh oh ohhhh. It's foodgasmic.

  10. Sandy - honey and nuts? will be trying that :)