Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Old School Romance

Last night, Inspector Climate took me on a very romantic date. Where you ask? Not to a fancy restaurant, not a picnic in a park, and no, nary a penguin was to be found.

Inspector Climate took me to the Coburg Drive-In. He suggested this date to me last week and I could hardly contain my excitement. See, Bobo and I used to go to the drive-in every weekend.

Every. Weekend.

We were so dedicated we'd go even if it was raining and we had to keep turning the car on to defrost our windscreen. Yes, Bobo and I saw some real doozies due to our dedication to the Drive-In, I am pretty sure we single double handedly kept that Drive-In open for one more summer. What I am insinuating is true, the Drive-In closed. We may have cried. Bobo and I would laugh and talk during the movie, drinking rootbeer and eating peanut M&Ms...She and I have been besties for a while but when I think of my favourite times with her it would have to be the summer of 2003; the summer of the Drive-In.

So when Inspector Climate was all, "Drive-In?" I was like "I'm there!" Of course, it was lovely. We snuggled up in the passenger seat, me sitting in his lap using his shoulder as a head rest. I regaled him with stories of my Drive-In experiences of yore: the boys who hit on his in a white SUV, the anger we felt towards the people who smoked in the vehicle next to us, the bad movies, the rain, and the sadness we felt when our beloved Drive-In went under.

After I finished reminiscing, Inspector Climate told me stories of who he was when he was 18. And as we cuddled in the car, watching previews (there were sadly no old school commercials with a dancing hot dog and coke, rookie mistake Coburg Drive-In, rookie mistake. Amateurs), we got little glimpses of each other as young adults. Chances are, had I met Inspector Climate when he was 18, I wouldn't have liked him. Sure, I would have been wooed by his cute smile and ruffable hair, but Inspector Climate had some finding of himself to do first.

So while years went by, and I wondered what I was waiting for...last night at the Drive-In it became blatantly obvious. I was simply waiting for us to grow up.

On a non-cheesy, note. New Header? Good? Bad? Ugly? Stupid? I crave your feedback.


  1. Oh, how sweet and romantic! I don't think there is a drive-in left within 500 miles of Denver!

  2. Best summer of my LIFE!!! and I love the new header, it's just that I'm a sucker for cute animals :) and the movies weren't all bad (although I think I recall an insanely horrendous horror movie) we did get to experience the amazingness that was pirates of the caribbean!

  3. I love your header. and I love this post. Too cute.

  4. Interesting post, and a really creative did you know sidebar... The header looks pretty good too...

  5. Not cheesy at all.
    I like your header.

  6. There's still a drive in movie theater around me. I've been there a few times and it was fun.

  7. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog during my guest bloggers week! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

  8. Drive-ins are the best bonding places. And I do like the header.

  9. The Zadge - Really? I feel like Kansas would be in Drive-In central.

    Becky - Seriously, I miss you! American Pie the Third is burned in my memory.

    Kimberly - Thanks Kimberly!

    The Analyst - I am glad you enjoy my sidebar :)

    Ev Rev - Thanks Juliet.

    Susan - Thank you!

    DDG - Aw, you're lovely.

    Barbara - did they have dancing popcorn?

    Krystin - thanks! :)

    linlahs - aren't they? There is something very intimate about them.

  10. love the header!! one day soon I'll change mine.

    I'd love to see a drive-in movie, I'm not sure they exist in NZ let alone France.

  11. p.s. the rocks (as a geologist with PhD brain freeze I can't even think of a more appropriate description other than rocks!) in your photo, are they the ones on the coastal highway south of Melbourne?

  12. Kiwi in France - well, I used your header as inspiration for mine :) The "rocks" are from The Great Ocean Road, they are called the twelve apostles, but I believe only 7 remain. Well, you'll have to come to Melbourne and Drive - In.

  13. I like the header. And I like drive-ins too. Though I haven't been since I was in high school either. Too long. And I am 99.99% they don't exist in Chile. Booo.

  14. Love the header! Much less pressure at the drive-in as an adult, sounds like fun!

  15. re: header - i like. a lot.

  16. Kyle - No drive-ins in chile. Perhaps you should start one? It'll be all the rage? (it could just be like "movie in the park style...a "walk=in")!

    Meg - Thank you! I have never associated pressure with the Drive-In!

    Rhea - thanks!

  17. I would love to go to a drive-in! I love the header. My goal is to come visit you. Seriously ... I'm already planning a trip to Australia and New Zealand. The problem is ... I want to go for SIX weeks and I don't think I'll be able to take that much time for a couple more years. Sigh. (In the meantime, I plan!)

  18. Congrats on the old school date.

    New header: hit!

  19. The new header's pretty cute. I did kind of like the old-school feel of the old one so I'm pleased you kept the picture as part of it.

    My wife always complains that I'm too bony to effectively rest on. She normally pads me out with a pillow first, which makes sitting straight a little difficult at times.

  20. 24 - come visit! come visit! I totally understand wanting to come for a number of weeks there is a ton to see and it's very far away.

    Sara - thanks :)

    Matthew - Inspector Climate is rather bony himself. Somehow we make it work - occasionally with pillows.

  21. 1. I really like the new header.

    2. All the while you were saying "drive-in" I thought you meant "drive-thru," so for half of this post I was picturing you pulling up to McD's all excited to order a 6 piece chicken nugget and a large coke and I was all "ummm, I don't really see Deidre as the McDonalds type." But then I realized what you were talking about. I'm slow today.

    3. That's awesome because I've never been to a drive-IN.

    4. I really liked this post.

  22. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    What a lovely date night. We have a monthly drive-in here, and I should definitely recommend doing it some time.

    Love your blog and am now folowing!