Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sometimes being a fashion fox is hard...

As we know, Orange is my favourite colour. And I don't know how this happened, because until like 3 weeks ago I was fairly sold that Yellow and I would be together for ever. I mean, it's so sunny and flowery, and yellowy. You know? And it's been my favourite colour since I was 14 - that's a long time. But Orange has slowly crept its way into my life, and who am I deny it the love it deserves?

Over the Easter holiday, Inspector Climate, The Climate's and I are going camping...somewhere - and that's not being elusive so you won't know how to track us down, it's just I honestly have no idea where we are going. Somewhere.

They kept saying "it's cold where we go camping." And while I don't really believe that it gets cold in Australia, I decided I'd ask my mom to send me these orange fleece pants that I bought my senior year at Mount Holyoke to brighten up The Darkness and to keep warm in my apartment, because I refused to turn on the heat - I am an environmentalist, after all. Yesterday, I received that package. And even though it's approximately a billion degrees in Australia today, I decided I had to try on the fleece orange pants. But why stop at fleece orange pants when you can also wear a clashing fleece orange jacket? And why stop at fleece orange pants and a clashing fleece orange jacket when you can also wear a fleece hat with ears? I couldn't stop.

Although, I was a bit shy at first.

Does orange make my butt look big?

Channelling "America's Next Top Model": Be Fierce.



  1. Hello, stopping by from SITS. Cute Blog!

  2. Tyra would appreciate your fierceness.

  3. Orange fleece, is there nothing more divine?
    I think not!

  4. 1) burnt orange is AMAzing 2) I heart you and your silly poses 3) is it bad that I want to watch antm now?

  5. LOL! Rock it Foxy!
    Your so Orange and lovely I have something for you at:

  6. I've got bright orange pants... maybe 3 pairs... wore them a lot in high school -- one pair was the most comfortable pair of pants IN THE WORLD. :)

    Well, wear that camping and you'll never get lost (or at least you'll be easier to be rescued.) :)

  7. haha you look like a tangerine.

    this reminds me of when we painted one wall of the physics lounge orange and i wanted to do the whole thing orange. but then phoebe asked if i wanted to live in a tangerine so we stopped at one.

  8. Margo - Thank you!

    linlah - I hope so. The things I do for her without her appreciation - jeesh!

    Twisted Susan - RIGHT?

    Becky - It is NEVER bad to watch ANTM.

    Jessica - Thank you!

    Rini - exactly, I am just getting ready to face the dingos.

    Rhea - I prefer pumpkin. haha the physics lounge.

  9. Way to rock the orange. For halloween this year you can be a fuzzy orange or pumpkin!

  10. If Tyra saw you in this delectable orange suit, I believe I know what she would say, "Smize, baby, SMIZE."

  11. I don't know what to say. You, uhmmm, certainly wear orange better than anyone else I know. Oh, and I love that second photo because it looks like your head is on the wrong way !!
    You are one funny girl x

  12. haha you made me snort my sprite. Thanks :) I enjoy the orange l♥ve...and really, orange is a shade off yellow, so have no fear that you're betraying your beloved yellow, just flirting with her cousin :)

  13. Jill - Oh, if only Australian's celebrated Halloween, I'd be on it like white on rice!

    Kyle - hahaha! Love it.

    Selina - Thank you!

    Kim - Thanks.

    Determined2fly Cacophony - I am not sure but I think flirting with the cousin is just as bad as cheating :)

  14. Fierce fleece. Love it. Hoping someday to visit Australia! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  15. Fierce fleece. Love it. Hoping someday to visit Australia! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  16. Orange is the best color ever : ) I love your totally orange outfit!

    I saw your comment at 24 at Heart tonight about composing pictures of buildings. Not that I know a ton about taking architectural pictures, but I just thought I would share something I do when I like a building : ) I take one picture and then I start moving all around it. I go to the left. to the right. Lay down. Climb the steps. The more shots you take, the more chance you have to get a picture you LOVE! : ) Also, take pictures of the details. One window. One door. Half the door. You know, stuff like that. Good luck with your picture taking adventures. So nice to meet you via the blogging world tonight!

  17. Orange D? Google 'Big Orange', get into one of the campus stores or vendors for UT (either will do), and you'll find acres of Orange stuff. Like more than you can imagine on earth. But of course with logos all over them too. Though you'd want to know as an Orange Fan. Proud owner of a 'Big Orange Screw', it's around here someplace... Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

  18. I LOVE orange! My kitchen is painted orange, and I love spending most of my day in there! Not everyone can wear it, so that's something to celebrate. BTW, I love the new collage header!

  19. Yellow was my favorite color until about 10 years ago --- now I love greens.

    Orange is good, but GREEN is better!