Monday, March 15, 2010

This is Ned. Or Nadine. Or maybe it's just nasty. Regardless it starts with N.

On Saturday, while Inspector Climate took his new toy out for a spin (A Brand New Mountain Bike!), I sat in the park near his house and finished reading White Tiger by Aravind Adiga which I liked but I was never super excited to pick it up and start reading it again, if that makes sense). I was out there for about an hour soaking up some late afternoon rays. When I came back to his apartment, I had the biggest bug bite ever on my shoulder:

The picture doesn't quite do the size justice it's about an inch tall and an inch and a half wide and sits off my shoulder about 2 mm. Plus it has that rosy tint that is just so endearing in skin conditions.

My theory on bug bites is scratch them until they bleed and then they don't itch any more. Is that just me? Probably.


  1. This just confirms my theory that everything is bigger in Australia, including the bug bites!

  2. Oh, I hate bug bites. I am allergic to pretty much all bugs so mine always get huge. Put some itch medicine on it pronto!

  3. Ouch ! That'll teach you to go out without a deep-sea diving suit on...

  4. That's quite a bug bite.

    We have a mozzie convention taking place in our town right now. They even attacked me in the toiletries aisle at Woolies, for god's sake.

    I didn't even know mozzies bought toiletries...

  5. Ooh! Take care of that one.

  6. The Zadge - they do like big pineapple.

    Cammy - Thanks for the advice! I think it might have been a spider.

    Owen - seriously!

    Matthew - Yes, mozzies are very concerned about hygiene, don't you know?

    Dori - thank you!