Wednesday, March 10, 2010

While I sit here and enjoy some fairly horrid day time television...

I don't know about you, but I am just plain tired of being all sad. So, I thought I'd tell you what I am doing today. This is a far more interesting day than normal because I had no job applications due today and decided to take the day off.

Well, I woke up, I do that every day. Then I read some blogs. Then I took a nap, because eek - I'd been up for 2 hours and that's a long time.

Then I watched some dvd's. Then I changed out of my pajamas into pajamas yoga clothes. I did some laundry because the pile of clothes was turning into the Calvin and Hobbes crazy mashed potato monster. While it was in the washing machine, I multi-tasked and watched Ellen. Then I cooked some rice and put it in the fridge because I've decided to make pineapple fried rice for dinner. Do you ever look at a recipe and say, "self that it'd be great if it didn't have like 6 of the ingredients?" So I am taking the recipe and substituting chick peas for prawns, veggie stock for chicken stock, and soy sauce for fish sauce (which isn't the same at all - but eh). I'll let you know how it goes.

But when I looked in the fridge I noticed that I had zero of the ingredients. I put on my shoes and walked to the grocery store. (Seriously, I hope you're sitting down this story is RIVETING).

I bought the ingredients and waited at the tram stop where a mom totally embarrassed her daughter. How awkward.

And now I am at home again, watching more crap television. I'll tell you a dirty secret. For the past 2 weeks, since being so sad, I've been hooked on Ready, Steady, Cook. Which is awkward because part of me wants to stab Peter Everett.

In half an hour I'll head to yoga. And then I'll come home and finish my fried rice and watch So You Think You Can Dance.

That's the unemployed life, ya'll.


  1. Question 1 - how was the rice?
    Question 2 - what'd the mom do to embarrass her daughter?

  2. I am DYING for a new routine. Watching TV and taking naps, even with routine, doesn't feel very good.

  3. You are my unemployed hero because that's way more than I do in my unemployed day.

  4. OG - the rice was strangely good! It's a really odd mix of things. but it was yummy. The mom kind of bumped into her daughter at the tram stop and she was with her man friend and she was like "these FUCKING shoes gave me blisters" and the daughter seemed fairly horrified. and then the mom's man friend introduced himself to the daughter and he was like "I'm not her boyfriend or anything, but your mom is a very special lady"

    Ev Rev - Totally. I need something new for sure!

    linlah - Aw! I am sure it's not!

  5. I'm sorry you are so sad. I unfortunately know that feeling all too well. I thought I'd come by and say hi since I just saw your comment on my blog (yes you commented in February and yes I am that slow).

  6. Oh my word, they still show Ready, Steady, Cook. I use to watch it with my mom all the time. It was one of those 'I don't know why I watch this, but I can't stop either' type shows.

  7. I'm not sure if that is embarrassing or just horrifying. The mother accidentally bumped into her daughter after a one night stand or something?

    Also what is "Ready, Steady, Cook" That sounds like a show I would love.

  8. Only part of you wants to stab Peter Everett? I hate how he's always in the way, agitating pots and pans, particularly when they're making caramel. YOU DON'T TOUCH IT. And he always makes gay jokes. We get it. Stop making everyone uncomfortable!