Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Camping fashions. There are no don'ts.

Hello My Ladies, I am back. I've been talking funny for a few days. Yesterday on the drive back from the Land of the Camping, a seventy floppity-jillion hour car ride, I started saying I had a lot of woad wage. Which sadly cracked me up. Anyway, hi! I missed you. How was your Easter? I hope you're all rolling about like a giant Lindt Easter Egg at this very moment.

What you missed in my life will unfold I am sure (mostly how I now have very tan/dirty feet; a bug bite on my chin/neck the size of Memphis; and some crying...you know the usual). But right now, at this very second, we need to talk about the fashion of camping. More importantly, my fashion while camping...

Let's start with day wear:

Why, yes! Thank you for asking I did wear that Every. Single. Day we were there (except one where I had a fever and was unreasonably cold and wore this).
For a closer look at the t-shirt:
Mmmhmm, indeed. That, my fashionistas, is a children's shirt from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Now, once the sun went down or the breeze was particularly cool it was important to layer up. I layered in a distinctly yellow-y, orange-y and strangely gangsta direction...

What's up, Penguin!

For bed, Inspector Climate and I zipped our sleeping bags together and it was mostly quite warm. So, I logically and oh so sexily stripped down to this:

Yes, polypro top! Yes to wool knee socks! And a hell-ya to green stripped boxer shorts. Not to mention the fleece hat with ears.

Fashion is hard, y'all. On a day to day basis my wardrobe is quite drab, but when it comes to camping fashion, I bring the heat.

Peace out, ladies.


  1. Best campaign photo shoot ever!! I particularly enjoy the sexy night wear! And I'm OHH so happy you're back!

  2. Stunning! Expect a call from Vogue any day now

  3. Dude your camping attire is WAY hotter than mine. I'm coming to steal your penguin hoody. Watch out!!

  4. Haha love it! Do Australians wear their polypro leggings underneath their shorts when camping/hiking? We do in NZ and apparently this is not the way to do things in Scotland my british boyf told me when we went tramping (nz word for hiking). We choose the brightest, stripy-est leggings to wear under our shorts, its brilliant.

  5. wow and I clearly meant camping! I'm distracted what can I say!

  6. Awesome photo shoot! And special kudos on the sexy night wear. :)

  7. The more colorful the camping wear the less likely you'll get lost.

  8. Becky - I totally knew what you meant...and typing is overrated!

    The Zadge - Why thank you...

    Selina - hah. Vogue should do a camping issue, they need to get in with the times.

    Ev Rev - Hah! I love that hoody. I used to pretend that I'd only wear it *in* the house, but that quickly became wearing it outside all the time.

    Kiwi in France - There is a little bit of that. But I didn't see it too much on this camping adventure.

    Cammy - I think it's probably more like meow!

    Strange and wonderful man - Thank you. Nothing says foxy like a hat with ears.

  9. The more colorful the camping clithes the less likely you'll get lost.

  10. I especially love the striped "camping negligee". Awesome!

  11. OMG! LMAO!
    I love the sexy camping gear, and the fact I am now a be-otch.
    Is this considered online porn? Because I didn't know I had a thing for penguins.

    Keep rollin all y'all sexy bitches.

  12. OMG! You have my dream body! What's it like to be so fit and trim???

  13. linlah - Indeed! Or at least in New England during Autumn...hunted.

    Meg - Thank you! Nothing says "lingerie" like men's boxer shorts :)

    Jessica - my biznitch! Thank you! I hope this isn't considered porn. Perhaps I should have had an over 18 warning at the top of the post.

    TokenBlogger - That is so sweet! Thank you!

  14. Hie-hie...Loving the camp wear!!

  15. Ummm, that was really funny. For whatever reason, it just cracked me up.

    Just stopping over from SITS, I think you were the comment above me. Happy Sharefest Saturday to you.

    Now I'm ALL curious as to how you ended up in Australia, and how you're liking it.

    Good luck with the new job, etc.

  16. This is my kind of fashion post!

  17. Ha ha, so appropriate since i am going camping tomorrow. Now I know what to wear so I won't be a camping fashion mistake.

  18. This post was hysterical! I loved it. :)

  19. Love this ... makes me feel like maybe I was fashionable during our most recent camping experience!

    Enjoy your SITS Day!

  20. Oh my, I think you rocked it! :)

  21. I think I saw those excact looks in a fashion magazine...You totally rocked the looks.

  22. Now I dont like to camp but now that I know you can be very fashionable I might give it another try...LOVED the socks.