Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If you want to be taken seriously, you gotta have serious hair.

Y'all I need some hair advice, fast like lightening. This is what my hair looks like now....

A mess. Am I right? It's usually bigger and more triangular, but I had it in a pony tail due to yoga class and it's kind of tamed itself. I couldn't look more thrilled with the look though could I? What can I say, I radiate any emotion on my face...Right then it's obviously distrust with just a tinge of hatred.

This is what my hair looked like 4 (!) years ago (also meet my physics nerd glasses). No real styling just a mass of hair. A MASS.

The following links are what my hair has looked like in the three years since I moved to Australia. There was the 80s rocker look. Which is obviously much different from the Pat Benatar look. Not to be confused with the cut that is best for fro puffs.

So here's the dilemma, WHAT DO I DO? Do I continue (I say continue loosely as the only reason I haven't had a hair cut yet was due to my unemployed status of broke-ness) to grow it out (with maybe some serious layers around the face and curly side swept bangs - if you can even PICTURE that). OR do I chop it all off and return to the glory of the decade in which I was born?

Help me internets, you're my only hope.


  1. I say chop it off it's warm out, let it grow if it's cooler. That's my rule of thumb!

  2. I liked fro puffs!

    And seriously, you deserve a slow-clap for starting and ending your post with two amazing movie references. :)

    - Emma

  3. You totally rock the Pat Banatar hair.

  4. I vote longer, shorter with curly hair is tricky.

    You have pretty hair, I wish mine looked like that. I always wanted rockstar hair.

  5. I like the last post you directed us to... I have curly, thick hair and without being either tied up or straightened there is not a lot I can do with it. It was good curly but when it was really long, but sooo hard to look after. Now its super short and a 1 hour pain in the butt to do in the mornings, urgh. Good luck!!

  6. My super curly hair is long now and driving me crazy! I say go short for summer.

  7. perm? straight iron that shizz? but dont listen to me...I've had thin, stick straight hair all my life so I'm by no means qualified to give you advice about your curls.

  8. Jill - I know this is the common wisdom, but if it's short you can't get it off your neck in summer (maybe).

    Emma - Thank you! I liked fro puffs too - are they inappropriate for work?

    linlah - Thank you - Pat would be proud.

    Kyle - It is tricky, but I am not afraid. The problem with rockstar hair...is it's not very professional unless you're a rockstar - which I am not!

    Kiwi in France - When I had long hair, I never wore it out its glory because there was just SO MUCH HAIR to deal with...

    Cammy - Silly girl, I live in Australia...we're going into winter! :)

    Crystal - Oh, I forgot to mention I spent about 30 seconds tops on my hair each morning, I'll not be straight ironing :)

  9. Keep it long! It is easier to style since you can throw it up in a clip or a ponytail if it is hot out.

  10. The hair is fantastic in every style you've shared with us. My vote [on this day, and I reserve the right to change my mind] is that you let it grow. I want to see even more of it!

  11. the conservative side of me says, i would say long with layers to be taken seriously.

    that said, i *heart* the fro puffs. and i think short is better in summer anyway.

    however, this is coming from the girl who basically shaved half her head to have an a-symmetrical 'do for the hell of it at new year's. so really i'm not sure you want to listen to me. ;)