Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's time to swap! On the count of and a half...

About 8 months ago I joined this really cool blogging community called 20 something bloggers...and you should really check it out. And they are hosting a blog swap where you, my darlings, get to be introduced to Brandy from One Girl Revolution who will be posting right here on this very blog. My post is already up at Brandy's blog here. See we were supposed to write on a theme...but we both, honestly, quite hated it. And so we chose our own, because that's how we roll, bitches.

Without further ado, meeeeet Brandy:

[Deidre is so brave for letting me temporarily take over her blog. Poor thing probably had no idea what she REALLY signed up for with the 20somethingbloggers blog swap. =)]

When I was little my biggest fear was growing up. At 23, it’s safe to say that it is STILL my biggest fear.

I mean, when I was a kid I thought I’d pretty much have everything I needed to accomplish in life done by age 25. The rest was going to be smooth (albeit downhill) sailing. I would have finished college, be famous, rich, dating 5 of the hottest guys you’d ever seen, have a million sexy stilettos, and stay up as late as I wanted. Nothing was going to get in the way of my Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle!

And then I got older. College bores me. Fame eluded me. I don’t even know what money IS (being as I rarely see it). Men disappoint me on a regular basis. Sleep was a rare commodity. BUT I HAVE A ROCKIN SHOE COLLECTION DAMMIT!

So basically I have two years to finish everything that entails being a grown up. Otherwise my life will implode. Clearly.

Actually, I’m not going to lie. I kinda started having a panic attack when I realized how close my “deadline” was getting. I don’t have ANYTHING done. NOTHING to show for my quarter century of life. What if I suck at being an adult?! *PANIC PANIC PANIC* Not to mention the pressures that the outside world has put on me. The pressure to be SOMEONE. Anyone really.

No, I haven’t finished college. I haven’t met the “love of my life”. I haven’t bought a house, saved for retirement, made a million, started a career, or any of the other responsible things. But I HAVE laughed. And enjoyed the company of those around me. I have met 100+ strangers off the internet. Let travelers sleep on my couch. Slept until 11 because I felt like it. Drank till the sun came up. And hitchhiked in the back of an ice cream van. I’ve learned how to cook, how to shoot a gun, and how to make an origami frog. I’ve learned to love. I’ve learned to cry. But mostly I’ve learned how to be myself. And no pressures from the outside world, my family, or my former self are going to change that. Maybe the conventional route isn’t for me.

I don’t have to be a grown up. Not yet. And that makes me happy.

But I’m still buying more shoes.

Brandy is a blogger at
One Girl Revolution. Lover of chai tea, Boise, golden retrievers, and awkward situations. Secret connoisseur of the hand hug and frowning wink.


  1. Nice to meet you Brandy. Take it from me who hit quarter of a century (ahem) not so long ago (!!) that you seem to be doing pretty OK with so many experiences tried and great memories created. And hey, you do have a fantastic shoe collection. Come on, that's the only thing that really matters ....

  2. Hey Brandy!

    I started to grow up when I finished grad school at 23. I had a car, nice furniture, savings, cat, boyf, great job. Life was steady and good.

    Fast-forward to my fast approaching 27th birthday and I'm a student living a 24 hour flight from my family in a tiny 20m² apartment with absolutely nothing, just a couple of suitcases full of clothes.

    But I'm living in France and enjoying life. It's too short to be grown up!! I think I'll start to grow up when I get to 30...

  3. Oh how fun!! I love blog swaping and hijacking others blogs SO fun! Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday!

  4. Hello Brandy!

    Cool! You guys should look me up on 20sb. I joined a few months ago and I still don't really know how to work it.

    I think this is my profile
    But once again I'm not sure.

  5. You're doing just fine. Glad that you know it too!

  6. Growing up is overrated. Plus, once you grow up you cant go back.