Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let's just eat a shoe and call it comedy?

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much, I feel like every time I sit down to write nothing good comes out at all (or even worse and more common NOTHING comes out at all). So I just delete it and say I'll wait another day to post something. And then another day and another day goes by and ack! So, apologies.

Yesterday, Inspector Climate and I went to the local movie shop to get My Cousin Vinny. Now this is one of my favourite movies and I really wanted Inspector Climate to watch it (because seriously, saying the YOUTS and having no one laugh is sad). So we walked in , and this particular movie rental place has a great selection of movies however, they are not organised in anyway that makes sense. Instead of wandering around the store for hours trying to find it, I decided I'd just ask the movie geeks (I say that with love) at the front for some assistance.

"Do you have My Cousin Vinny?" I ask.

"Whoa, I haven't thought about that movie in ages," replies the movie geek with awe in his voice, "that's with Jo Pesci, right?"

It was at that moment that I knew that this guy thought I was going to be walking in there with my boyfriend and who I would later force to watch some sob story romantic atrocity like Dear John. Suck on my good movie taste, geek!

Unfortunately, they didn't have My Cousin Vinny. It's unfortunate for several reasons.

1. I still have no one to laugh with me over jokes about instant grits or tick tick ticking biological clocks.

2. As we were trying to decide on a different movie to hire, I pointed to Chaplin and asked Inspector Climate if he'd seen it. "What's it about?" he asks...I should have known right then that this was going to turn into another one of these moments. Further probing showed he didn't know who Charlie Chaplin was.

Let that sink in for a minute.

There are no words. I even waddled pretended to swing a cane and NOTHING. Not a glimpse of recognition. At that moment, I knew we were renting Chaplin (and not just because Robert Downey Jr is a slice of fi-ine!) because there was a long-time coming educational moment that Inspector Climate didn't know he had signed up for.

Luckily for the future of relationship, he loved Chaplin.

Class Dismissed.


  1. There are too many, so many funny lines and scenes in My Cousin Vinny I hope IC gets to see it.

  2. EASY MONEY has Joe Pesce & swear words and is a much better way to spend 90 minutes.

  3. I love My Cousin Vinny. MacGyver doesn't think it's that funny. It's a low point of our relationship.

    I will laugh at youts and instant grits all day long.

  4. LOVE My Cousin Vinny. I got no more use fo dis guy!

  5. Linlah - RIGHT. Me too. I might have to get it from the library instead.

    Twisted Susan - Wow, those are strong words, Susan. Strong words.

    CaneWife - Eek! He doesn't think it's funny? WHA? Well, you and I can laugh together.


  6. "Tick tick ticking" is one of the best moments in American cinema of the past 50 years, I say.