Saturday, April 10, 2010

Live free or live consistently.

I've sat down every morning since my last post planning to write something. Except the only things that come to mind are job related. And if we, the blogging community, have learned anything it's: DON'T TALK ABOUT YOUR JOB ON THE INTERNET. But it sits there like the big white elephant on the screen...or something? So, I sat around and tried to figure out how to write about MY JOB without writing about WORK. Sadly, this a poor excuse for a masterpiece, is what I've come up with.

I like habits. Consistency. I like doing the same thing every week at the same time. However, once I break a habit it's really hard to get back into good habits. And I want good habits, not just any. I want to bring my lunch to work every day (I have a lunch box! and LOTS of Tupperware), I want to then once home from work immediately clean said lunch box and Tupperware, I want to hang up my work clothes everyday and keep my room clean (good luck with that, D, you slob), and go to yoga 4 times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday (or both!). So this first week of work I've been striving to do just that. And it's a bit difficult because Australian Business Culture is very social. I've been invited out to drinks, lunches, and told about the personal lives of my boss. And I want to participate with my coworkers, but I want to save money and eat healthily and maintain my yoga practice because I feel so much more zen and happy about life when I go to yoga.

The only thing I know from American Business Culture is what I learned on American television. And by that I mean, Ally McBeal. In fact I think I bought a business dress purely because I've always admired Ally's. I mean my office doesn't have a unisex, or a secret room behind the toilets, or The is it really an office?

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with the new job and all and I keep reminding myself it'll all be ok when I have a routine. That I like routines. And then Barney Stintson pops into my head and he's all "Ted you're in a rut." and I say to Barney in my head "It's a routine" much like Ted does in "The Liberty Bell" episode, but I usually add to that "Um, Barney, my name's D." Barney replies "What is the first syllable in Rut-tine."

In summation, work is good but overwhelming which is to be expected. To combat this overwhelmingness I am turning my good friend the Rut-tine. Tupperware is important. I carry around a lunch box like 12 year old school girl (it's green! with a handle!). And Ally McBeal is awesome. Obviously.

How are you? How's your weekend?

P.S. you know what is way more overwhelming that starting a new job? Being unemployed. I am so grateful and thankful that I no longer am scouring the job advertisements.


  1. New jobs always take a bit of time to settle in to. In my experience, as soon as I can go out for coffee without excusing myself, that's normally the comfort point. :)

  2. Ally McBeal IS awesome! Yes!

    P.S. Would like to see picture of business dress, please. :)

  3. Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) went to my high school.

  4. I've found it takes a full 6 months before you feel comfortable in a new job - and you are SOOOO right about the yoga practice!

  5. The key is to strike a balance. Pick a day or two during the week when you can go out for lunch or drinks. It is important to enjoy your work environment. You don't want to be the girl that doesn't get asked to go out anymore. Good luck!

  6. Getting into a routine can be hard but I think once you do it, it makes life so much easier. I am really saying this to myself too since I have been super lazy. Let's hope we can both get back into routine.

  7. haha I think every office should be like ally's! We should make that a law!

  8. Your job sounds awesome. I forgot what it's like for people to actually want to befriend you work (thanks, legal environment and your "impressions"!).

  9. Word. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with my new job too. I actually did write about mine a little. At least this time around I didn't name anyone or call the company out directly. Jeez, I was so naive then!

  10. During this week I passed the first anniversary of my being employed again.
    I used to view my life as before kids vs. after kids, then it was before 9-11 vs. after 9-11, now it's unemployed vs. employed. I keep it out of my BLAHg so that I can stay that way.

  11. Matthew - Hah! Yeah, I keep telling myself that it'll take some time to get used to.

    diary of why - seriously, how awesome is Ally. Alright, well next time I put it on, i'll take some photos.

    Barbara - really? that's very cool. I kind of love her.

    The Zadge - right? the yoga practice makes a long day seem so much better.

    Megs - yeah, I know. I'll definitely go out to drinks sometimes but as someone who is a notoriously picky eater AND broke AND has food allergies, going out to eat isn't high on my list of ways to spend my money.

    Cammy - Alright, let's routine together?

    Becky - I miss watching Ellen, I think every office should stop and watch ellen and then dance.

    Sandy - I am not sure if they really want to be my friends, but they certainly want me to feel welcome.

    Sara - It's really hard isn't it? I feel slightly protected with the nom de plume on my blog, but I know that is really naive.

    Twisted Susan - CONGRATULATIONS! I have before and after College, before and after meeting Inspector Climate, and before and after discovering my gluten allergy. :)

  12. Congratulations on your new job! I am the same way about routines.

  13. Awwww. I hear you!!! It's so easy to have NOTHING become your routine. I am amazed somedays when I feel BUSY even though I haven't started my job.

    I am SUPER nervous about starting a new routine. It's a lot of changes at once! So congrats on your success of diving into it!!!

  14. congrats on the new job and don't worry about taking time to get used to it...that's normal and it's a good excuse for effing up at the beginning..."oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I'm new."

    And Ally McBeal..what can I say...have seen every episode and replay fav moments in my head almost on a daily basis. Not to mention I've been told I look like Calista Flockheart on many an occasion (anorexic judgment included). The Biscuit... *dreamy sigh*