Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Romance, it's in the air...

My beloved boyfriend, may be pop culturally challenged, but he knows how to woo me.

After my first Monday at work, Inspector Climate sent me the following e-mail:

Bear Grylls is on at 8:35, so maybe call before then if possible.... although, I would talk to you over watching Bear any day (that may be the most romantic thing I've ever said to you!)

How could I not swoon?


  1. He is so fantastic... Where do I find myself one?

  2. hahaha Seriously that's totally true love!

  3. It's so nice catching up on your blog. I love that your happy and with a neat fella. : )

  4. Jill - It certainly shows devotion on his part, no?

    Megs - That's the beauty of it - anywhere! He's one of a kind, but nice boys are every where. I swear(ish).

    CaneWife - He certainly knows how to woo me.

    Cammy - :) he's pretty silly, eh?

    Becky - I know right.

    Chris - It's lovely to have you back! I've missed your comments.

  5. I dunno, Survivorman is more romantic.