Monday, April 19, 2010

That's not a knife...THIS is a knife.

Since I started taking the new pill, which has only been two weeks to be fair, I've forgotten how to see the signs of whether I'm hungry or not and then suddenly the hunger has overwhelmed me and oh my god I have to eat right now or the world is going to end and I'll never see a cute puppy again.

This is accompanied by an acute case of the grumpies and a rather large serving of impatience and whining.

It's not a character trait I'm proud of developing.

Wait...I'm starting to feel hungry...I think?


  1. Sneaking hunger is a heinous bitch and her friends Cranky and Now are not very nice either.

  2. Salvation, thy name be Red Rock Deli.

  3. apparently taking vitamin B is supposed to help when you're on the pill (some med school student recommends it)....

  4. linlah - CRANKY and NOW are not very nice. they are always up in my grill.

    Matthew - I can't eat Red Rock Deli...:(

    Becky - interesting...very interesting.

  5. Vitamin B can help with PMS. I start taking it around day 14. Oh, and I always carried a little extra weight when I was on the pill. Hungry? Yes!