Wednesday, April 07, 2010

There is something the neighbourhood...

1. I have now seen three dead possums outside of my gate (or Inspector Climate's gate). Who is killing these possums? Show your face, possum killer! As far as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Possums go, they don't seem to be very good at staying alive (oh oh oh oh, staying alive). I might brave open my window again...Maybe.

2. While camping something very strange happened. It was important to Inspector Climate that I try a jaffle with baked beans. Now, a jaffle is a sandwich press that seals the edges of the sandwich and creates a pocket for the filling inside. I wanted to have a Nutella and Peanut Butter Jaffle but Inspector Climate threw up his hands in despair and said "We don't use two spreads in Australia, no, a baked bean jaffle you shall have."

So I tried it - and I am sure it would have been better if gluten free bread could be made in normal size bread pieces. What's up with you gluten free bread? Why the small slices? I just don't understand!

Anyway, it was ok. But later on, I had a major food craving for beans on toast. Now, as an American...I have never actually had beans on toast. But I took the plunge y'all, and it was delicious. It made perfect sense that when I went grocery shopping yesterday and passed by the baked beans, I felt the urge to buy them...because now, I am a beans on toast convert.

When asked to try a tinned spaghetti jaffle I cried uncle. Spaghetti and bread is just too much. TOO MUCH.


  1. Yay, go the beans! I buy horrendously expensive ones here to have on toast in the weekends with poached eggs for breaky.

    The "jaffle" we call a toasted sandwich or a toasty pie. Next time try baked beans and cheese, canned spaghetti and cheese or canned creamed corn and cheese. I also love ham and cheese, and pineapple and cheese.

    Yes there is a cheese theme but it makes it so much better!

  2. Why does Inspector Climate insist on making sandwitches out of perfectly good meals? Bread is supposed to be a garnish for spaghetti, not an envelope for it! Maybe you can use the jaffle maker to make smores?!! Bring the campsite home!

    Mmm. Smores.

  3. Um Jaffles sound amazing. My family eats spaghetti sandwiches all the time. Take the plunge and try it. I prefer mine with garlic bread.

    Beans and toast also amazing. I've been eating this since a child as well. I guess my parents have a little bit of Australian/English in them.

    Glad your camping trip went so well and so glad to have you back. My daily readings were empty without you.

  4. Snort, snort, snort OMG beans on toast, I'm an American, that's beyond funny.

  5. Kiwi in France - I am ALL about cheese :)

    Aura - smores were high on my list of things to do while camping, but I ran into an issue of getting vegetarian wheat free marshmellows.

    Megs - Maybe someday I'll try it, part of the problem is gluten free bread is gross...the end.

    linlah - :) silly isn't it?

  6. Sorry?? You've never had beans on toast?? What have you been doing all this time ??

  7. Yikes, beans and toast? I don't think I'm that brave, but maybe it's because I don't really like beans.

    Now spaghetti on bread is a staple in my family. I remember that was our go-to food for trips to the park and the beach. Quick and easy to make and very filling.

  8. Beans on toast? that sounds strangely familiar, yet I can't honestly claim I've eaten it.
    And let me tell you, I've eaten some strange things.
    But spaghetti jaffle? Hell to the no.

    Pass the beans. I'm going to give it a try.

    BTW: I might actually get around to working on that gluten free breadies stuff this weekend.

  9. Can you have sprouted breads? I don't know much about gluten free stuff other then what is at Whole Foods.

  10. I LOVE Jaffles. My mom use to make them on cold winter days. With mince a filling, Yum-Yum!!

  11. Selina - I'm AMERICAN, most americans don't eat beans on toast. we eat beans on tortillas!

    Dorkys Ramos - Don't you find spaghetti on toast just too much wheat? I mean maybe that's just a leftover from my gluten eating days.

    Jessica - I recommend it. It's strangely satisfying. Really! Yay! Because the stuff I attempted last week was a grade A gluten free disaster.

    Megs - I don't know. I can't eat spelt, it very much upsets my tummy. But i don't know what sprouted bread is.

    love and stuff - MINCE? interesting. very interesting.

  12. I hang my head in shame. I live in Kentucky and have never had beans on toast.

    Spaghetti bread? Not going there either!

  13. I'm laughing at how you describe that he threw up his hands and remarked "We don't use two spreads in Australia, no, a baked bean jaffle you shall have."
    Insert Chile for Australia and something Chilean for baked bean jaffle and you have my boyfriend who often despairs over my poor gringa eating habits.

  14. Um, I would definitely encourage IC to live dangerously with two spreads. Nutella and PB sounds incredible!

  15. Tokkenblogger - RIGHT, Spaghetti just crosses the line. I am totally with you. but Beans on toast is strangely satisfying

    Sara - Hah! We all just need to try and have an open mind about food I think.

    Susan - Peanut butter and Nutella is sinfully delicious. SINFULLY.