Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"The fantasy is better than reality" Inspector Climate says.

Sometimes after I've written a post, Inspector Climate will e-mail me and say "I almost commented 'this' but didn't." I've told him he can comment, in fact I've told him he could write a guest post if he wanted. Just to tell you people what I am really like (or what he is really like, as the case may be - or address questions that you might have this is where I invite you to pressure him via comments and e-mails to me that he, The Inspector Climate, should perhaps address his adoring fans). These are his excuses:

"D, I am a character in the story so I can't comment or post."

"Why?" I say.

"Because I am a character in the story..."

"It's not a story, it's my life. And you're in it. You're real."

"But the fantasy is always better than the reality."

"You're real. You are my reality"

"No, it's inappropriate. It goes beyond blogging etiquette."

And this is where it ends because, well, I don't want to FORCE or push him to write on my blog or to comment, or to read it. Although, I don't know where he has learned about blogging etiquette because this is the only blog he reads.

The truth is I am absolutely grateful that he takes the time to read my blog everyday and that he respects that blogging, this thing we do, is a embarrassingly large part of my life. I am not totally sure even why (or even if) I want him more involved in it because this space is mine, you know? I am not even sure why I am compelled to share this with you. Perhaps it's just a need I have to tell you that he is real. He is a real part of my life-story.

My fantasies were never this good.


  1. I know what you mean - British Boy reads and comments to me about things but never on the blog page... perhaps he's shy!

    Inspector Climate - We'd like to meet you even if you're an Australian :), so please do a guest appearance!

  2. Aw. That's lovely.

    I admire you for managing to continue your dating blog once the dating turned into a relationship, and Inspector Climate too for being so cool with you continuing to write it. I've managed it once, but it was tricky.

  3. p.s. I'm not being racist cos Inspector Climate is Australian - NZers and Australians have this love-hate relationship!

  4. Even though he's real I think you write openly and honestly enough that I see and hear both of you.

  5. Perhaps he could write a post about the unusual quirks of a North American? Things like our love of peanut butter and the way we seem fascinated with the direction that water flows down a drain...

  6. Darling hubby reads my blog, but rarely comments. Maybe twice since 2003?

  7. Kiwi in france - Perhaps he is shy! :)

    Frisky Librarian - Funny, I've never considered my blog a dating blog (I started it LONG before I went on dates!). Thank you!

    Kiwi in France - Hah, I know.

    linlah - Well, I am so glad.

    Aura - I am sure he could write an opus on dating an American Woman.

    Tokenblogger - Aw, Well I don't expect IC to comment all the time or to even read it all the time.

  8. An unfortunate result of the husband reading my BLAHg is that every once in a while he requests that I remove something.

  9. I too love that Boyfriend reads my blog. I have had many who don't and as it's such a big part of my life I always felt a little offended.

    But as with Twisted Susan, he's a bit more private than I am and so things I want to BLAB about I have to keep secret. ...though, I do think he's getting used to seeing himself in print!!

  10. Twisted Susan - That is an unfortunate side effect. One that I haven't had to deal with yet.

    Ev Rev - Aw, I am sure the boy will come around to having his life in print. Inspector Climate enjoys knowing he has adoring fans all over the world (even when he is a jerk!).

  11. B rarely reads my Yellaphant posts, and I try to make him feel like an asshole for it all the time. To be fair to him, he works on a tennis court, rarely even checks his email let alone reads anything bloggy, and swears up and down that he values our conversations so much that he doesn't want to read what I'm thinking, but wants to discuss it. On my part, when he asks me what's new I usually respond with "YOU WOULD KNOW IF YOU READ MY BLOG, ASSHOLE!"

    Kidding. Kind of.