Monday, May 03, 2010

Holla at your girl, dawg.

On the weekend, this is probably how you'll find me attired. Wearing one of Inspector Climate's jumpers sweatshirts. I dress up for my man...clearly.

The only reason I posted that picture really, was well I think it's funny. But also, to reveal that I got a haircut. Unfortunately, for you, I didn't take any of your advice on my hair. I got an in between cut that can go either way, it'll be easy to grow out if I decide to do that but it is also shorter, not so much in my face and all in all easier to control right this second. I give you my hair:

The hairdresser asked me if I wanted to have layers that gave my hair more volume...MORE VOLUME. MORE MOTHERFLIPPIN' VOLUME. No thanks, lady. Less is more. After me spluttering like a lunatic that that was not at all what I wanted, in fact it couldn't be FURTHER from what I wanted. She gave me a cut that avoids the triangle curly hair. Thank bejesus.


  1. It's great! But then I have always loved your hair. I'm jealous of your unruly curls

  2. I wish I had curly hair like yours. Mine does the strange waves only on one side. I love the weekends because I can also sit around in casual attire. And by casual I mean sweatpants that have paint all over them, and a t-shirt from 1998.

  3. I love your hair! It is fantastic. I got my haircut this weekend too. At the moment I am trying not to wash it because it is blown out all nice and straight. However, the heat wave that hit NYC is not going to allow this for much longer.

  4. How I long for curly hair. As straight as straight can be and limp into the bargain, give me volume and lots of it.

  5. Selina - Thank you! The unruly curls are, occasionally, jealous of all the rules straight haired gals have!

    Chicken - I love old t-shirts! so soft. so cuddily.

    Megs - Aw, thanks Megs! Rock your curls girl!

    Petty Witter - Well you should come to australia and try my hair dresser, she'll volumise your hair right up!