Thursday, May 06, 2010

My Sneeze Page....Excuse me?

About two months ago, I joined the blogging community called The Secret is in the Sauce (Sits). Everyday they feature a blogger and encourage COMMENTS. Who doesn't love comments? But on the weekends they give blogging tips on how to make your blog run smoother and get more readers. Now, I tread a fine line between wanting to get my blog out there and wanting to keep it just between you (yes you!) and me.

Over the weekend they suggested making a sneeze (bless you) page, a page that highlights your best work.

At first I was all, please I've had a sneeze page up since for like a year (I sneezed at work the other day and one of the women turned to me and said "We certainly have some ostentatious sneezes in this office"). So I thought I'd pick my favourite posts and throw them up on my very own achoo page...

I'm sorry, it's past my bedtime ...this post is losing steam fast. If you want to spend some time reading what may or may not the best posts on decoybetty, check out the very new Achoo!


  1. Ha! I love this! But how does that get you more readers???

  2. ooooh, good idea.

    I needz me a sneeze page.

  3. I've had a rape dream before. It's soo friggin creepy!