Friday, May 07, 2010

Who wants to read about my not very sexy dreams?

A couple of nights ago, I had a nightmare that I was being raped. I repeat, a nightmare. This wasn't some kind of hot dream where I was enjoying being overpowered. No sireebob, I was being pressured into having sex with someone I didn't want to have sex with - a large rotund old man to be specific.

Last night, I had a devastating dream where Not Daniel (side note when I was looking for a post about Not Daniel I found these posts - hilarious) broke up with me and I spent the rest of the dream sitting there saying "but I slept with you because you promised you'd be the only person I ever had sex with...but I slept with you...because you promised. you promised!" I was so heartbroken in the dream, I just didn't know how'd I ever move on. I mean, he promised ya'll!


  1. Ha! That's what I'm telling you. Men will say anything to get their way.
    (not nice about the rape dream though - that's got to be a real anxiety thing)
    So, I dreamt that I gave birth to a cat....

  2. I had some crazy dreams a at the begining of the week and end of last week. I wonder if it has something to do with planetary alignment. I have never had a rape dream, but I do often have kidnapping dreams and dreams that people are following me. Now, I'm freaking myself out.

  3. Selina - A cat? I guess there are worse things to give birth to...? like a frog?

    Sara - Wow! i hadn't thought about the planetary alignment, that sounds probable. I get kidnapping dreams sometimes too. SCARY.

  4. Hey! thank you for the comment. ugh...a rape dream--that's terrible. But also a dream when someone breaks up with you sucks. I actually had an off and on relationship with a guy named Daniel when I a few years ago, there were recurring dreams where he left with someone else or I never heard from him.

    Anyways thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. I have had dreams that I was being chased by men that I knew wanted to rape me but never an actual rape dream. That must be so freaky.