Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A lesson I should've learned by now...

Check bathroom stalls for toilet paper before sitting on toilet.



  1. I agree. I hate when that happens, especially if I am in a stall and dont have a friend in the

  2. Oh, that's a big bummer. Hope it wasn't too traumatic.

  3. haha!! A lesson I learned today, check the bathroom stall for other people :(

  4. But don't you cover the seat with toilet paper before you sit??? doesn't everyone?? Oh! It's just me then....
    By the way, just read your last post and am crying !!!

  5. I know what you mean, I do the same... now I make sure I have tissues in my bag just in case I'm caught out like this, or there is no toilet paper in the whole place.

  6. Wise woman.
    You think after 37 years I would have figured that out, too.

  7. sometimes when you really have to go it's hard to remember that. it's even more tricky when you don't have a friend with you.

  8. M - TOTALLY.

    Jummy - Well, survived, but then did it again like 2 days later.

    Becky - Oh, yikes! that's much worse!

    Selina - No crying!

    Kiwi - Tissues in your bag! Brilliant, unfortunately, I hardly ever carry a bag.

    Salty Miss Jill - It is a VERY tricky lesson.

    Rhea - I KNOW, it is. You gotta do what the bladder requests you to do, you know?