Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life Listlessly: Travelling to all states and territories of Australia

As part of my life list, I have travel to all the states and territories of Australia. Last weekend, Inspector Climate and I headed to....

CANBERRA! Which is in the Australian Capital Territory and is the capital of Australia (in case you didn't know). For the most part, when people asked me what I was doing over the weekend, and I'd answer excitedly "Going to Canberra!" They'd laugh. "Canberra," they'd scoff, "why in the WORLD are you going to Canberra?" Apparently, it's cool to hate on Canberra. It's a city with a country feel - there isn't a lot of clubbing, not a lot of shopping, and restaurants that call themselves a gluten free patisserie won't be open when they say they will. Hmph! However, I kind of loved Canberra. It's a quiet city. And for a capital it is super laid back.

Our first night there after checking out the National Museum, Inspector Climate and I went to to the Telstra Tower.

It has a revolving restaurant that served some of the worst food we've ever eaten (except for the cheese platter - more on that at a later date!). So that was disappointing. We had called in advance to ask if they could make a gluten free vegetarian meal for me, because there was no point in going to an expensive restaurant if all I was going to get was a salad. Instead a got 2 onions, a piece of carrot, and a table spoon of puree. For the bargain price of...$36. Inspector Climate ordered the "fish" dish (literally just called "Fish" on the menu). And I've never heard him be that upset by a plate a food. In fact, I am not sure I've ever heard the good natured boy complain as much as he did eating that "fish".

The next day was a whirl wind tour of Canberra.

We checked out New Parliament House:

This is the coat of arms of Australia. Signifying that Australia is a country that moves forward as both their national animals can't take a step/hop backwars: the emu and the kangaroo. Of course they also joke that they barbeque they're national animals. So, whatever.

A nice man took a photo of us outside parliament house.

In Parliament house, I gained some understanding of how the government works here. Inspector Climate dipped me on the ballroom floor; we peeked into the VERY pink home of the Senate and the very green home of the House; and we went up to the roof of the building to check out the view of the city from the top of capital hill.

We admired local art in the city walk:

It was lovely and cold in the mornings -3 C. and I loved being able to see my breath. It felt like a cold and crisp October day back home. I miss that.

So, the ACT - Check!


  1. So that's what Inspector Climate looks like!
    Sounds like a lovely trip, barring the overpriced restaurant. :)

  2. Yeah. That sounds like an awful food experience!!

    I loved Canberra. I suspected it might be awful because Bill Bryson seemed pretty negative about the place. Did you ever read his book about Australia?

    Anyway, I have to admit I'm jealous of you getting to go to all the states and territories!!!! I hope to...someday. But it shall take awhile since we don't live there.

    So far, I have three down (NSW, Tasmania, and Canberra). Hopefully, we'll cover more someday.

    What's next on your agenda?

  3. What is it about revolving restaurants and serving awful food. There's a place in Chile, aptly called El Giratorio, that I've heard sucks as well.

  4. Are those bird people?!
    Sorry about the food, sounds horrible. ugh.
    At least you know to skip it next go round.

  5. Are those penguins in the photo second from bottom? I suspect not, so what are they?

    Another place to add to my want to visit list, thanks for sharing your trip.

  6. Ah! It looks like you two had fun. It looks cold there! I wonder if winter there is like winter in Chile (Santiago, I mean). It is all the Souther Hemisphere...

  7. Salty Miss Jill - That is what he looks like!

    Twisted Susan - Thank you, Susan!

    Dina - Yeah, it was pretty bad. But definitely redeemed by the cheese platter. I never did read his book about Australia, I have it - I really liked Canberra. I'll probably go to Adelaide next as IC has some friends that live there. But it depends if my parents come to visit - we might go to NT.

    Kyle - Huh, You'd think they'd have some quality food...being so flippin' expensive and all.

    Jessica - Yes they are bird people. Why they were sculpted and placed in canberra, no one knows.

    petty Witter - perhaps penguins, the one right next to me does kind of look penguin-esque doesn't it?

    Sara - It is fairly cold in Canberra (it got down to -3 C) which Australians think is cold (hah!).