Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reasons to want to be famous...or married to someone famous.

I can think of cafloppity-illions (and that's a lot) of reasons why I don't want to be famous. The tabloids, the rumours, not being able to wear flannel pajamas out in public (ahh - that's the life), not having to sit through the whole entire Oscar ceremony, having to be nice to fans - assuming I had fans - and that's just to name like 5.

However, I can name a few things that would be particularly nice about being famous.

For example, the yoga pants that I wear everyday would sell on ebay for like $20,000 which I could then give to some charity named Yoga For Peace (apologies if there IS a charity named yoga for peace...yoga is important, so is peace). Easy.

Or I'd get to meet James Blake John Cusack President Obama.

But most importantly, it'd give me an opportunity to be on Dancing with the Stars. Le sigh. Cha cha! Salsa! Waltz! Jive! Ridiculous costumes? YES PLEASE. That whole giving to charity thing is great, but being paid to dance? Bliss.

Work on it Inspector Climate.

What would you do if you were famous?


  1. If I were famous, I'd....

    Definately not dance. I hate dancing, mostly because I can't dance.

    Perhaps that's what I would do if I were famous, pay for dancing lessons with all my money - because ALL my money would have to go to that cause, let me tell you. I am that bad at dancing.

  2. #1 - Personal trainer.
    #2 - In-home chef.
    #3 - Advocate for STEM education, because I'd clearly be (while famous, in-shape and well-fed) still a total nerd.

    - Emma

  3. I agree with Emma personal trainer and chef. That would be bliss. I would also be running in all the marathons that are impossible to get into as a normal person. But no dancing... Even as a famous person I would probably have to pay people to watch me dance.

  4. Everything I wanted - starting with travelling the world to visit art galleries and five star spas.

  5. OMHECK. I have SO OFTEN imagined what I would say on David Letterman (or Oprah, because my book is in her book club OF COURSE) that it's SILLY.

    But I think if I were famous I would probably just travel all the time. And buy houses everywhere I've ever loved. You know, for posterity...

  6. I would ban Jon Gosselin from the public eye and have him sterilized. then I would burn my retinas to get the image of him out.

  7. "But still, I'd rather be famous than righteous or holy any day..."
    I suppose that would all depend if I were also rich along to go with the famous.