Sunday, June 20, 2010

So, um science experiments on the body aren't that fun...

The Hypothesis: Progesterone makes me cry.

The Experiment: Take progesterone once a day.

I mentioned earlier that my Gyno, Ms. MIREEENA, decided that we should do a little science experiment on my body. Just a little one to see if I was allergic to the progesterone or the oestrogen in The Pill. See, in case you didn't know, most Pills are combination pills that use both oestrogen and progesterone. But you can get progesterone only pills, which is what the implant is. So, last week I started taking a progesterone only pill. In the past, the sadness has come on slowly, so slowly that I wasn't sure if maybe I was just homesick or not. Until 2 months in when being tired was suddenly enough of a cause for streaming tears and questioning why anyone gets out of bed. Ever. Because getting out of bed is hard.

So anyway, I took the pill on day one. Then I took it on day two. By mid morning on day two, I felt slightly grouchier than normal but that happens you know. Some days you're just grumpy! Except that by mid-afternoon I was a wreak. I was moments away from crying at work, and walking to Inspector Climate's apartment after a day at the office I started to wonder why I was here (and I do mean on earth, could I be more dramatic, jeesh!) at all. By the time, Inspector Climate held the door open for me, I was a sobbing mess. Oh, the crying. So, much crying.

I lay on Inspector Climate's chest bemoaning my sorry life and being dramatically over the top about everything. Trying to speak through tears and apologising because I know I am being irrational, but life is so unfair and why is this happening to me.

The Outcome: The Hypothesis is proven correct. I am in fact allergic to progesterone. And it only takes two days of pill taking for me to become an irrational crying mess. Fabulous.

So, now that it's been a few days since I stopped taking it, and I still cry at slightly ridiculous things. Like yesterday, I cried because I was homesick and wanted to make pumpkin pie and no grocery stores carried molasses. The nerve! Not only did they NOT carry molasses, they didn't even know what molasses is! "is it like maple syrup." No, it's like molasses.

And today I cried because I didn't want to say goodbye to Inspector Climate, even though I am going to see him tomorrow. But it is lessening. My full body rash is even going away, phewph because it wasn't sexy.

I think I am going to be staying away from hormonal birth controls for a while. Let my body settle down and remember what it's like to be happy again. Because dabbling in depression isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

That's based on science.

True Story.


  1. oh no poor you... well at least you know now I guess so you can get on to trying something else and hopefully find something that works. Try in healthfood shops for Mollasses, or an agricultural supply shop (of you can find one - we used to feed mollasses to our cows). Will golden syrup be an ok substitute? mmmm golden syrup.....

  2. Oh no! As Kiwi said, at lease you know now that it's the progesterone and not just the pill. I am guessing that they can probably give you a pill without progesterone, but I think letting your body get back to normal is the most important thing.

  3. I'm glad you figured it out. Body chemistry is a funny thing, progesterone was the only thing that brought me out of the depression.

  4. Ugh. Hon, I feel for you. Wish I had an answer ... but I know little to nothing on the subject of hormones ...heehee
    I'm hoping there is something else out there. ???

  5. I'm glad you figured out what was wrong. I personally can't handle birth control either. I can't even get out of bed when I'm on it.

    Also, how is there no Mollasses in Australia? That is just wrong and I would cry too.

  6. I'm proud of you for even TRYING the second pill, but still prouder that you quit it when you realized it was bad for you. Some people follow doctors so blindly that they ignore what their body is screaming at them.

    I am also so happy that you have IC. Proof positive that he's a keeper if he can hang through all that business!

    Courage, ma belle! You'll be better soon!

    (Also? I know it's old fashioned but condoms and the rhythm method have worked pretty well for me for the last ten years!!)

  7. Kiwi in France - I know they sell it here, it just happened that both the health food shops I went to were I can't eat golden syrup - it's made from wheat! Booooo.

    Cammy - I totally agree...I just need to settle back down again.

    linlah - Well, I am glad it serves a purpose for someone. Because it certainly doesn't suit me!

    Jessica - I am sure there is...but I am just going to take a break. remember what it's like to not cry for like maybe a WHOLE MONTH. or two or three! And then give something else a go.

    Megs - There's just hard to find. le sigh.

    Ev Rev - Hah, you sound like IC, he's all "you're very brave" ... Hah, yes, well hopefully they work for me too!

  8. I have had nothing but weird experiences on hormonal birth control. I guess it just doesn't work for me, unfortunately.

  9. Sounds like the grocery stores over there don't carry ANYTHING a good american girl needs!! But seriously, bummer on the crying jags -been there and know how they suck! Give your body a break and I hope the stores sell condoms!

  10. There ain't no molasses in Australia? That ain't right.

  11. that sounds horrible. my doctor is now performing this experiment on me. i am not excited.

  12. Jane - I am so sorry, it's a drag, isn't it?

    The Zadge - they do carry tim tams though, which for people who can eat the wheat - seem prettttty awesome.

    Tokken Blogger - There is some...some where!

    Aw, Rhea - good luck! Be very brave.