Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Want ad: Blogging Mojo

I've lost my blogging mojo.

How are you?

What's new?

Updated: I just read this post over at Hooking Up Smart. It's about boycotting facebook on 6 June. Well, actually I think boycott is probably too strong a word, it's about sending a pointed message to the CEO of facebook (I refuse to use his name - or retain his name, I have much mor important things to remember like my best friends birthday from the 5th grade (may 23rd) - who I haven't to since I was 13.) about the importance of the consumer when it comes to facebook. He is more concerned about using our personal information to attract good advertisers than about maintaining the privacy of their users. And I think it's time we stand up and close the facebook window for a day and go outside and enjoy June! (although yesterday was the first day of winter in Australia...I was all "first day of winter. you fools it's SPRING...oy).

Of course, I am not on facebook. So, I leave this to all you socially networked people.


  1. OMG!!!! My blogging mojo is ALSO gone. Is it an epidemic? Should we be worried?

  2. I concur! There are tumbleweeds on my blog!

  3. how are you not on Facebook??? I'm perturbed.

  4. I am sure you'll get your mojo back.
    I never had any to begin with.
    And I fucking hate facebook!


  5. My blogging mojo is gone too. I think ER is right - it's an epidemic.

  6. that was me last week.

    And the week before.

    And the YEAR before.

    But this week? FOUR DAYS IN A ROW! What the hell? I must have stolen everyone elses mojo.

  7. If only I had a mojo to go ! And like you, I don't do facebook but if I did I would boycott it too.

  8. Ev Rev - definitely an epidemic. I am hoping there is some kind antibiotic soon.

    Diary of Why - I hear ya, the cob webs on mine are disturbingly gross.

    Crystal - Maybe I'll blog about it!

    Jill - Thanks Jill. you totally did. Don't lie to me. Woo hoo. Facebook haters unite!

    Jane - Ev Rev is a smart girl...I respect her diagnosis.

    Kelley - you rule girl! But you stole my blogging mojo. And that is mean.

    Selina - Amen sister.

  9. Also in the blogging pit of un-mojoness.
    Haven't been on facebook in .. no idea how long.
    I know i have an account, but it sort of stops there.

  10. I haven't logged into facebook in forever, but I JUST happened to log in on the 6th... nooooooooooooo!

  11. I'm trying to be more disciplined about social media [including blogging]. How much time I'm spending on the internet, what purpose it serves [even if it's some mental refreshment... I'm okay with that]. But at the end of the day if I didn't get more done on a "real" writing project, or spend time with my kiddos... I feel slimy. I think you're brilliant for not playing on FB. It can be such a time suck!

  12. A very belated but heartfelt thanks for the link love! Funny you should write about losing your mojo - I've been feeling decidedly uninspired recently. Sort of, what's the point, you know? The blogging blues - who knew there was such a thing?