Monday, July 05, 2010

Did I ever tell you about that large Woody and the Pajama shirt?

I like soft clothes. In fact I like soft things in general. PUPPIES. I think this is why I like pajamas so much. They are just so soft and cosy. Mmmm pajamas. So, when I was wondering around Melbourne Central on Friday with John-the-Beatle, and we passed the pajama shop...I knew I'd drag him in there. And then I found this shirt...So I ask you, can I wear this shirt to things that happen outside of my apartment? Does it look like jammies?

And while we are here. Holy moses, do I need a hair cut. My hair is reaching triangle proportions. NOT GOOD. But I am left with the same dilemma I had the last time I went to get my to grow it out or to chop it off. And I am leaning towards chopping it off. But who knows!

Also at Melbourne central, I saw this:
That's a life size R2D2 made from legos...awesome.

I also saw this...

That's one big woody.


  1. I thought it was spelled "pyjamas?" :p

  2. From what I can see I think you can wear it out, it looks nice. I've seen people out in patterned pjs anyway!! I've got no suggestions for your hair as I find myself in the same dilemma - grow or cut, if I grow it the weight weighs down the curls and its not so pouffy, but takes AGES to straighten if I want to, care etc. is time-consuming, takes long time to grow. Hair short - I can straighten it, its easy to wash, difficult to style... Good luck!

  3. Super-cute shirt! I think you could totally wear it outside - if it's a bit too thin (ie see-through), just wear it with a hoody :)

  4. I wear pajamas all the time, but not because of the comfort or fashion .. I'm just lazy.
    I say do it.