Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Embarrassed to Live Free or Die.

Part of the joy of being an expat is that you're always special and exotic. "Where you from?" "What's it like there?" "Is that near Chicago?"

Australians pronounce New Hampshire (I'd say New Hampsher)- New Hampsheer - and by Australians, I might mean Inspector Climate.

One of the downsides is that people always cut out newspaper articles or just want to talk to you about where you're from all the time. I mean all the time. Which is great for conversation starters, but just plain awkward when you're trying to do your work at work and they're chit chatting about everything they've EVER heard about New Hampshire...Hotel New Hampshire! The Primary! That guy that they once new that lived in a small town near...um some other town.

Well, today, I was sitting at my desk, and one of our volunteers came up to me and said she'd cut an article out of the newspaper for me. It was about New Hampshire, obviously.

Apparently, a small town in New Hampshire has legalised public servants bringing guns to work. These public servants were "feeling like second class citizens" because policeman are allowed to carry guns to work, but that the average person isn't.


New Hampshire this is a mistake. As someone else from this small town noted (and I paraphrase) "maybe this isn't a good idea, I mean there are kids and disabled people around. and people are bringing guns to work?"

And now I'm embarrassed - I think this is taking living free or dying a bit too far...


  1. It is difficult being a stranger in a foreign land. I moved a mere 60 miles away from my birthplace and the language and culture were so different. I had to stop asking for a chip batch, as no one understood what I meant, and start asking for chip cobs.

  2. Oh dear. I would've never expected that from NH of all places!

  3. Now I know where I can send that box of articles about New Hampsheer I've been holding on to.

  4. Public service appears the same wherever you are.

    Congratulations on taking on the Australians on their pronunciation. If you need someone to hold them down whilst you hit them, do call me. :)

  5. I didn't know they couldn't. When I lived there I remember walking into the grocery store for the first time and seeing some guy with a huge ..um, it wasn't a rifle, yet it was bigger than a hand gun .. so whatever that was, it was strapped to his leg.
    And there I was just buying bread. What a wimp. ;)

  6. I think I'd say New Hampshyer.

    I know what you mean - people say "where are you from?" "Nouvelle Zélande" "ah, the All Blacks?, Do you like rugby? you know the haka?" they then proceed to try to do the haka. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmM7QeoCP1Y

    It gets tired very fast! At least the French don't mention the sheep as the Brits or Australians...

  7. Ahaha I hear ya! The amount of times I had to say "NO, we do NOT have koala's in our backyard nor do we have kangaroos as pets" in England was astonishing!

  8. Spencer Pratt - chip batch!?? Chip cob?! Those crazy brits!

    Kyle - I know - it's tragic, they were on the up and up with the legalising gay marriage and all that. and now this!

    Twisted Susan - Please do! :-) hah!

    Matthew - It's only fair if the aussies try and get me to pronounce things like they do, that they should pronounce my OWN state the way i do.

    Jessica - Inspector Climate says "and then we can go to Wallmart and buy a gun!" oy.

    Kiwi in France - It does get a little old. Particularly because the only places Australians have seemed to have heard of are: Chicago, New York, LA...and that's it.

    MissLiv - hah! I know - it's a bit crazy. the stereotypes that float around.

  9. ok seriously nh what's up with that? i mean i'm all for living free or dying but this is a lil' extreme.

    also i'm flattered that you mentioned chicago, even if it was just in passing. i <3 my city. some day you might even consider visiting ;)

  10. Just because you can doesn't mean you should (or will).

    I'd rather be in Australia...

  11. My husband (Canadian) was just asking me the other day about New Hampshire's state motto. He thinks it's great but he wanted to know if they ask you at the border if you will promise to live free while in the state.

    (Re: newspaper article - eep!)