Friday, July 30, 2010

I fly home...TOMORROW.

Tomorrow at this time, I'll be wheeling my bag (the same bag that I've taken to Europe, India, across the USA, to Australia (and back and then to Australia again, and back, and then to Australia...and then back. And to Australia ...and I think you get the idea (and back!) to the train station where I'll be catching a 614 train to Southern Cross. Then wheeling it to the Skybus to catch a 630 Skybus to the airport. Where I'll wheel it to the ticket counter and wave it adieu until we meet again in LAX. Yes, just another 24 hours and I'll begin my journey home.

To say I am excited would be...true. But that excitement is masked by fear and anxiety, and not of flying. I am fairly excited about getting to spend 14+ hours snuggled up to Inspector Climate. Although do long flights make That is unpleasant, I tend to feel so filled to the brim with gas that if someone pressed my stomach strategically, I may pop. Luckily, Qantas flights serve Bundaberg Ginger beer - that stuff soothes the soul.

No, I am terribly afraid of a number of things. Having to say goodbye to family I was just getting to know again after not seeing them for over year. Having to say hello to my new home that is left without so many of my good friends (see here, here, and here). What is our little barn like with only 3 friends instead of five?

I am anxious about how I will fit into the family dynamics now that I am not just little sister D, grand daughter D, Auntie D. But Girlfriend D. The nap-taking, emotional, sharing person I've become since I decided to open up to Inspector Climate.

Of course, behind all that fear and anxiety is pure joy (I think...I hope). I am going home and for the first time my family will meet The Inspector Climate - the un-pixelated, in the flesh Inspector Climate.

I'll get to hug my mom and cuddle with my puppies on while lying on the no-longer-green-rug on the living room floor. We'll make ice cream, and bake, and cook my favourite dinners. I'll play with my neicephews and go to a Red Sox game. I'll show Inspector Climate my high school, the ice cream shop, the Ben and Jerry's factory. I'll go to the eye doctor - oh wait...that's not *that* exciting.

In just 24 hours I'll be on my way to back to a place where they won't laugh at my accent, they pronounce Cher like share and not sure (honestly Australia, what's up with that?), and I can buy black at any store I want. ANY STORE, y'all.

Posting will be non-existent for the next two weeks. And I won't get to read your blogs. But when I get back, let's catch up - share tale's of the weeks' adventures and eat some cadbury chocolate.


  1. Have a brilliant time back home! And I'm looking forward to this cadbury chocolate sharing, although mine will be stupidly expensive from the "english" section of the supermarket! Seriously though, I hope you have a great time and enjoy every last minute of it.

  2. I can't believe you leave tomorrow! That is exciting! Good luck on your trip (flights make me gassy too) and I hope you have a GREAT time. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  3. Have fun! And yeah--any length of flight makes me gassy.

  4. Yes, have a wonderful time!
    We'll all be waiting right here when you return.

  5. bon voyage and have a fab time at home. I remember feeling so many things too when I took Max home to meet my family for the first time. Just be happy your guy speaks the same language as your parents (albeit with a funny accent) because Max had trouble getting to know them because of the language barrier...I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!!

    P.S. You've been to India? When? Why? (because I want to go too someday...)


    I say Cher like share! I just asked Martin's advice on how I said it because I started saying it over and over and got confused. He told me it was too late for "stupid questions" so I'm going with my gut and going with "share".

    Perhaps you need to come West where we speak properly!! :-)

    But seriously, have an amazing time back home!!

  7. Have a great time. Sounds like it's a good place to be.

  8. Travel safe and have a most wonderful time away! I'm sure everyone will love your young man :)

  9. Hope you have a great time on your trip back home!

  10. kiwi in france - thanks so much...apparently cadbury tastes different in different countries because it's made in Australia from wheat fructose syrup and in the USA from corn syrup.

    cammy - Post coming soon!

    Dina - Thanks!

    Tina - I know right, what's with the gas? it makes the flight uncomfortable.

    Salty Miss Jill - Woohoo - I can't wait to get a few moments to go read all ya'lls post (yeah, I went there).

    Crystal - YES, I've been to India. I went because I've always wanted to go, and a friend of mine was working there.

    Kate - it's an AMAZING place to be.

    Jummy - they did adore Inspector Climate.

    Sara - thanks sara!