Friday, July 02, 2010


Let me preface the story by saying, I don't find drug addiction to be particularly amusing. In fact, it's not funny at all.

I have several public transport options to get me home after work. I can take the train or a variety of different trams. On Tuesday, I opted to take the train. I sat down, and heard someone on the phone in the seat behind me. I quickly made the following assumptions:

1. Her daughter was having severe withdrawal symptoms from coke or meth or something...
2. She was NOT pleasant to be around.
3. She was talking to another woman who was very familiar with this story.

"She's really hard to be around, and she keeps saying she wants heroin." There is a pause. "No heroin"..."The illicit one?" a bigger pause. "HEROIN," she says shouting into the phone. "HEROIN. HEROIN" Another pause, "Well, I am on the train I can't speak about this any louder..." and with one more giant shout, "SHE WANTS HEROIN, THE ILLICIT STUFF."

Shouting heroin and illicit stuff on a train - now that's funny. No? Maybe you had to be there? Eh, whatever.



  1. Ahh, the joys of public transportation. Yes. I would have giggled.

  2. Oh my. Though usually it's the partaker of the illicit ones that are riding the busses in my neighborhood.

  3. Hi Deidre Not (well you do say here it isn't your real name!). I found you on Phoebe from Boston's blog and came over to visit. I love to read stuff written by Americans who live in Oz. I spent 3 months in the USA back in 1973 and had the most fantastic time.
    I have alternately giggled and sympathised through your blog; you have a great way with words! Oh, and I don't have/want children either. I really related to your post on THAT subject!
    Gina in Melbourne

  4. Oh---THAT heroin.

    I often ride a bus that makes a stop at a methadone clinic, and many of the clients are friends with each other and ride the bus together to get their doses. I've overheard several interesting stories.

    It's one reason why I like the bus.