Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pretend there is elegant story telling...

Today I was getting ready to lay back in Supta Baddha Konasana and just as I closed my eyes I realised the woman next to me was taking off her bra.

And there were her boobs.

Then, she put on a different bra.

I presume, because when I opened my eyes again she was clothed.

Now, this is when I am a hypocrite. I am all for being proud of your body and all that yakkity yak yak but eek! Boobs! I grew up in a naked family. Naked all the time. Be naked! There is nothing wrong with naked! I am pretty sure those were our mantras. But I do find it awkward when I see boobs when I am trying to meditate and work on my breathing. You know? Can't you be proud of you body and change in the bathroom?

I saw boobs today...what did you see?


  1. This is funny!

    A similar thing happened to me at the beach the other. This tall blond bombshell type woman was walking around in the sun. Then she gets in her beach chair, under her umbrella, in the SHADE, and proceeds to take off her top. I was so confused as to why she would need to be topless in the shade.

  2. I saw a pretty hairy thunderstorm today.