Friday, July 16, 2010

This is post about posts I tried to write but didn't. Yeah, that's pretty much as fascinating as it sounds...

I've started one post 3 times. It was about how sometimes I think there is a scale of "making it" as a blogger and this month I've gotten closer to "making it." But here's the problem. I don't really care about making it. So what, some poor girl (Hi Sarah!), asked me to put an ad on Decoybetty for her product. It wasn't well suited to my blog. We exchanged emails. Who cares. So that post has died thrice.

Then, I was like "ok fine, I'll just write a post about how Lo asked me if things were "better" with Inspector Climate. Except that things were never bad with Inspector Climate and they aren't better. they're just different because he makes me feel all safe and warm and fuzzy." and then I lost interest in that post because who wants to read about my sickly sweet relationship?

Here's my problem with having a personal blog that's all about me me me me. There are lots of things I can't write about me me me my job. Or my family. Or my complete desire to get a puppy...oh wait, that I can talk about. But when my life is consumed with Job, Family, Job. Job, Job, Job. I find it really hard to write about anything else. Which is unfortunate because I'd love to vent to you about Job.

In summation, I'm not going to make it as a blogger. I am sickly smitten. And blogging is hard.

Oh yeah, and I want a puppy.


  1. But that better not mean that you're going to give up any time soon - there are too many people who would miss you

  2. There is sort of a blogging rut, right? I'm afraid I've hit the surgery rut and now I´m all "Well, I was interesting before this, right?" *sigh* I bet your inspiration will come :)

  3. You're making it as a blogger because I, a person with whom you share no relation, reads you.
    Congratulations, darling.

  4. I would say that you already have a pretty successful blog because you put yourself out there and people read what you say. As long as you are happy, that's all that matters!

  5. I stumbled onto your blog, this is my first time here. I love it.

  6. Selina - Hah! No, only that I find it frustrating that the things that consume my mind are things I can't write about! But thank you for the sentiment.

    Sara - Aw, i still way interested in your surgery talk!! You were interested before, you're still interesting.

    Twisted Susan - Aw, Thanks susan.

    Cammy - Thanks Cammy. It doesn't really matter to me, honestly. But thanks for believin'

    Together we save - Thanks, i do try to.

    Kate - Yay! Thanks Kate. Come back again soon, I'm on my way to visit your blog.

  7. I agree with what Twisted Susan said.

    And I vote for writing about your job.

  8. I constantly do that. Start posts but not finish them. I'm always unhappy with it and give up. If you have readers, you're making it as a blogger! You don't have to have hundreds or thousands of followers to 'make it'