Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time to let go of some shit.

I am not one to let go of things. I hold grudges. I do not let go of shit.

Now here I am going to take a minute to digress. Inspector Climate and I have this shtick we do when we're lying in bed and the sheet has migrated to one side or the other or isn't folded properly. And it revolves around making bad puns around shit sheet. Holy sheet. This totally sheets me. What's up with this sheet? This goes on for embarrassingly long time. What can I say, we have a lot of sheet in common.

But here's the other thing, I don't often let go of sheet in a more, ahem, literal sense. I err on the side of constipation. Until I don't. Today was one of those days that I put my shit in the universe, and unfortunately this, again, isn't figurative. It was unpleasant. It was awkward.

But I thought sheet, I should share this story with the internets maybe this is a good time let go of some figurative shit. A sheet throw down if you will. Let's not drown under the weight of the sheet!

And not to mix metaphors but let's untangle ourselves from our bed linens and burst out the bathroom door lighter and sheetless.

I'll start.

I don't write about this ever on the off chance that someday my family finds out I have a blog (god forbid). But right now, I am going to let go of the fact that I can't control my brothers. And just because they don't communicate that they love me and miss me doesn't mean that they don't love me and miss me.

I am going to let go of the fact that my job is less than ideal and start really putting effort into planning and implementing my next move.

Your turn.


  1. I hold grudges too. Forever. And ever.

  2. Yeah, those grudges.
    I'm really hurt when something good happens to me, and instead of people (who claim to be my freinds) telling me they're happy for me, they say they're jealous. It feels like I'm being resented because of my (actual or percieved) good fortune and I'm begrudged personal joy.
    Whatever. Hatin'-ass bitches.
    I HATE when people say they're jealous of something good in other people's lives. It's the epitome of selfish behavior.

    Thanks, I needed that.

  3. I'm not prepared to be self confessional tonight but I will make a comment about grudges; I don't hold them but I do reserve the option to banish people from my life.

  4. I don't think I am ever going to like any job ever. I have to accept that. But I also have to figure out how to make money without one. Hrmmmm.

  5. Too much sheet isn't healthy for one's well-being. --.--

    -French Bean

  6. ohhh do I know what you mean. It can be hard to let go sometimes, but when you do it jut feels so much more freeing. I think the main thing is to always concentrate on optimism.

    I know this sounds ridiculous, but bare with me here...one time when I went to a psychic I got the optimist card and she said that I should find that photo and hang it up because I go to dark places a lot and I need to always remember the optimistic place.
    So I didn't actually look it up and print it out, but I still remember what it looks like and I do think about it and it helps. Thank you psychic.