Saturday, August 21, 2010

The approval I needed.

Let's be serious now, are you one of those people who chat to the stranger next to you on the plane? If you are...I probably hate you. As a non people person, the idea of possibly talking to a stranger for 15 hours gives me hives.

(plus there was that one time, a woman sat next to me and held my hand while exclaiming "your hands are FREEZING, you DON'T EAT ENOUGH" it was obviously scarring).

So, needless to say, I was thrilled when I had a travel companion who a. I knew and kind of adore and b. pretty much had to cuddle with me. When Inspector Climate and I checked in to our flight in Melbourne, I finally got giddy about going home and it wasn't until we got to the gate that we realised we weren't sitting together but a row apart and with absolutely no bargaining power because we each had a middle seat. This left my cuddle partner-possibilities to the lady on my right who was American but liked to say Australian things to sound authentic and the Drunky McDrunkerson on my right. I was NOT pleased.

I kept reaching in front of me to play with Inspector Climate's hair to get his attention and mouth things like "I miss you" and "I love you" across the seat.

The only time I think it's acceptable to talk to the person next to you is when the plane is landing and you have a mere 20-30 minutes of chit chat time. American-who-liked-to-say-Australian-things-to-sound-authentic tried to talk to me on the whole flight and I'd give one word answers and then go back to reading my book, or watching tv, or staring off into space, until the last 20 minutes and then I started to respond (well, until I realised that she just wanted to ask me questions and then go on a diatribe about her life story). Halfway through one of her diatribes, she looked at me and to Inspector Climate in front of me and said "your boy has a great head of hair."

And as if that wasn't the validation I needed, as I went through customs the officer asked me if I was in Australia for work or for love and I said simply "for both" because I didn't want to explain it was really just because I loved being in Australia and it felt like home and blah blah blah. Anyway, he asked me if I was travelling with the young man of my affections...I said "yes, I am" and he asked me where he was and I pointed to Inspector Climate. The officer said "good choice, he looks like a keeper."

Thank god US customs likes my was going to be a hard life without their approval.


  1. Oh it's been a long time and I have just been catching up. Hope you're feeling a little less homesick now.

  2. I would have switched seats with you. I'm a sucker for a couple in love even when I have the window or aisle seat. I have given up many a great seat for couples. I would think that should give me some good dating karma, but alas I just get a few smiles and thanks.

  3. Ahaha! Awesome! Now that you have custom's approval you are good to go ;P

  4. I have zero problem saying, "I'd rather not talk right now," to anyone who tries to talk to me on a plane. And I AM a people person. It's still annoying.

  5. haha I had a 10 second conversations with him and I agree, he is totally a keeper!!

  6. I'm not a talker either. I got a live one a flight to my mum's last Christmas - thank god it was only a 45 minute flight.

    I know I don't comment often, but I really enjoy your blog - it almost always guarantees a smile or a little pang of the heart. Or both.

  7. Selina - I had a quick catch up on your blog too, I am very sorry for your loss.

    Megs - Yeah, no one was going to - it's such a long flight being stuck in the middle seat is HELL.

    Cammy - Exactly, phew! Weight off my mind.

    Kyle - I wish I had your gumption!

    Becky - hah, yes, he enjoyed every second of that 10 seconds, I promise!

    Frisky Librarian - Thank you so much for you sweet comment! :-)

  8. Well, if we are ever on the same flight to Australia I would switch with you. Seriously I really would. I'm just a sucker for love.

  9. I don't like talking to strangers either. When I flew home from NY recently I sat next to a woman from India. She spoke very broken English but wanted to talk to me nonstop. She also wanted me to communicate with the flight attendants for her. She wouldn't let up. It made for a very looooooong flight!

  10. sometimes the people sitting next to you can be interesting. but for the most part i totally feel the same way. especially on international flights. like seriously people, i don't KNOW you!

  11. I do speak to the person next to me, but only for a few minutes,here and there, during a flight.