Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life Listlessly: The Big Cheese and gettin' smart

A few months ago, I created my life list. This list is constantly changing and adapting. And I am always adding to it.

My sister-in-law fully supports my goal to eat 1000 cheeses. So much so that for my upcoming birthday (which she is going to be out of the country for) she bought me two different types of cheese.

1. Pyengana Cheddar
2. Chaubier Chevre

I am very picky about my cheddar cheese and my tastes aren't that sophisticated (although more so than Inspector Climate's who for one of his favourite meals by cheese that doesn't come in the refrigerator section...eek!). I like my cheddar to be of the Vermont Cabot's Hunter Cheddar variety.

Hot Da-amn is that stuff good.

Anyway, I've been side tracked, the Pyengana was pretty delicious. It was harder than most cheddars I am used to and more crumbly kind of like a parmesan which I found awkward but tasty.

The Chaubier chevre was absolutely delicious. I mean seriously good. I may have eaten the whole block in one sitting with an apple. It was smooth and creamy and some how kind of light and refreshing all in one. nom nom nom.

I've also been reading! True story.

One my trip home, I barely read at all. In fact I didn't start reading until my last day at home where I picked up Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome (as well as 'Summer' and 'The Bunner Sisters'). Maybe it's because I've been wallowing in my own life's choices recently, but I adored Wharton's writing and depressing stories about having to pay for wrong choice with a life of suffering...how heart warming.

How's your life list going?


  1. Eating 1000 cheeses is most admirable!
    Check out this cheese-lovin' lady:

  2. I heart cheese! I am joining you on this life list thing. Gotta get started on mine though...