Friday, September 17, 2010

Day Five: Why I blog, bitch. Warning: It's about to get touchy feely up in here.

So, today is day five of the jump start your blog by the SITS girls.

Well, why do I blog?

I blog mostly because I have a compulsion to write. I'd write regardless of if anyone read it or anyone commented (don't get me wrong my blog gets a little turned on every time someone comments...I love comments - no really).

To start I suppose it's better to ask "why do you write"...and I write because I'm SO-oh much better at expressing myself that way. I write because in real life I'd never say this. Or probably this. I write because it allows me a chance to recover from whatever emotional hurt I am facing at that particular moment.

You've probably noticed that I don't write about the past that much (or that well), and I only write about the future in how it relates to me now, here in the present. And there are reasons for that I really can only write about my feelings (Gahd, TOUCHY FEELY ALERT!). Once I've written about them I can kind of sort of let them go (you know, as much as a person who holds grudges let's ANYTHING go).

So why blog? Well, it gives me a chance to do all those things plus one more kind of unexpected surprise. I never thought anyone would EVER read Decoybetty. But in being able to write about the touchy feely stuff, I've found a little community who gets it! You guys get it! You get the worry! And you sympathise. This little pocket sized community, you and me, that's why blogging is my medium.

Well, that and I suck at poetry.

What makes you blog?


  1. Love this post! You have great reasons for blogging and I think your blog is fab! I think we all blog on some level to feel a connection to others, even if that isn't the main reason.

  2. Sorry I've been away, kitten. It's been a stupid busy spring/summer on my side of the world.

    I'm glad that you write, and you do it well... bonus! My reasons for writing or different than my reasons for blogging and the reasons for blogging have changed over the past couple of years. I've slowed down, but I'm not ready to quit. I'm glad you're still here, too. :)

  3. love it.

    What makes me blog is a sense of movement. I like moving forward with things. When people don't make a list of what they need to do, and cross things off that lists, it pretty much leaves them stationary. I hate stationary.

    I remember I was going to name one of my sites, Decoy. I didn't though.

    You do write well though. It's great when people get angry and don't care about who they might offend. Animated people like that take my heart to places.