Tuesday, October 19, 2010

365 days of Inspector Climate.

A year ago today, Inspector Climate and I kissed for the first time. We were sitting on my couch. He caught me by surprise and it was absolutely delightful.

Of course, this followed our first date which was a 7 hour marathon. You remember that don't you, Internet? You cheered me on and quite frankly, your comments in that post pushed me to go on a second date with him. The truth is, I wasn't so sure about Inspector Climate in the beginning. I didn't feel that we had a lot of chemistry - and quite tellingly (well, at least about how I was feeling about men after my break up with Mr. Slurpee), I didn't trust that Inspector Climate could hold me up, literally.

But how wrong I was. He's spent the entire year comforting me as I went through unemployment, horrific allergic reactions to birth control, hating my job to the point of tears, and crippling homesickness. He's been an absolute angel this year and while he still teases me for not believing he could hold me up in the beginning, he can't for once doubt now that I trust him now implicitly.

I am so grateful for him.

While I've become completely dependent on him for cheering me up when I cry (These days, on Sunday afternoons. That's Every. Sunday. Afternoon.) and to read over each job application to make sure I haven't made any stupid mistakes, and that sometimes worries me, he's allowed me to be more emotional open with my family and friends. And for that, while it still makes me uncomfortable, is obviously for the best.

Internet, I want to thank you for watching me bumble through dating woes (remember this guy?) and tribulations, for listening to me wax poetic about how amazing Inspector Climate is, and for stopping by each day to share some words of wisdom.


  1. I'm going to forgive the soundtrack because it's your HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and I'm generous that way.
    Cheers, darling!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Loved this post and the cute video :)

  3. Congratulations!! I'm so glad that you and IC have met, he sounds lovely and you deserve to be with him. All the very best for your future together :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! He sounds like a special guy. Stopping from SITS!

  5. Uh, Eeeewww! Mr. PG was a total freak! Obviously you did the right thing. IC is SO MUCH better than that flakey guy!

  6. Happy anniversary! When you find someone that you really fit together with it's the best thing in the world and it sounds as though that's how the two of you are.

    Wishing you many more anniversaries together.


  7. You guys have the same smile!

    He'd better get you a puppy, quick!

  8. Twisted Susan - Aw, thanks Susan for being forgiving.

    Crystal - thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it.

    Kiwi in France - Thanks. he is lovely!!

    Cammy - Thank you!

    JDaniel4's Mom - he is definitely a special one.

    Jessica - PG was a total freak. It was disgusting. Inspector Climate doesn't even COMPARE to PG.

    Tuppence - Aw thank you. we often marvel of how we well we fit together.

    Tokenblogger - It's nice of you to say. But his smile is awesome, and I hate my smile!

  9. I am a little late, but happy anniversary!!!

    I'm so happy for you. It's wonderful that you have someone to count on like that. It's a nice feeling, isn't it?