Monday, October 25, 2010

All Fired Up!

I walked into my CEO's office on Friday morning and said..."Hi do you have a minute...?....Yeah, so um, I am going to have to resign." It was about as smooth as it sounds, if by smooth I mean incredibly awkward with a hit of choking sobs which I guess I do.

Anyway, so I quit my job. I gave nearly four weeks notice. I am so relieved. All weekend I've been prone to giant fist pumps and shouting FREEDOM. Gahd, does freedom feel good, ya'll. I'm seriously ecstatic. I didn't even cry on Sunday afternoon for the first time in nearly year - yeah, I know. This must be happiness. Who knew?

I decided, after a long talk with Inspector Climate, on Thursday that this particular job just wasn't working for me any more and that I needed to find something that was going to a. satisfy me and b. fit with my visa. Even though I've been saying I am going to quit my job for months, the decision seemed sudden. And while I was nervous going into my CEO's office, I was totally and completely thrilled the second I walked out of there. FREEDOM.

And so, I go into November 2010, much like I went into November 2009...Unemployed. (ok, well, not really. My last official day of work will be November 11...And boy...does saying that feel goooood. FREEDOM).

I've decided to approach this round of unemployment in a different fashion and in this approach my theme song is this:



I believe there comes a time when everything just falls in line.
We live and learn from our mistakes, our deepest cuts are healed by faith.


So my friends. Here is to sitting on my bed and searching for jobs. Here's to going to 5-6 yoga classes a week. Here's to not putting labels on envelopes and not hand writing envelopes (by the dozens). Here's to learning how to budget. Here's to spending time volunteering and interning and fingers crossed learning. Here's to freedom. Drink it in...because it tastes divine.


  1. Congratulations on taking the leap, Deidre! Sometimes knowing when to quit is the best (and smartest) thing to do. I'm still plugging away at the job that has caused me so much anxiety the past few months, but (god bless medication) it has improved a lot lately - although I still need a change and have an this interview Wednesday for a different position.

  2. You did say in a previous post that you seem to make important decisions in a split second and know they are the right one, didn't you? Like living in Melbourne??

    Well, looks like it kicked in again - congratulations!!! Seems like a pretty neat sixth sense to have in my opinion. I am glad you sound so happy :-)

  3. congrats on following your gut and making the decision to quit. I've been struggling with those thoughts about my teaching job for 2 YEARS but I cant' bring myself to do it in fear of unemployment (re: no money and a sh*tty econonmy in France right now). I guess I force myself to keep doing something I hate because I'd feel guilty if I quit (asking my hubby to pay for everything while I search for something new). But that's me and my own hang ups...good for you for doing what I can't :)

  4. Congratulations! That's a very brave choice to make -- I hope someday I can do the same. Oh, jobs.

    And now you have more time for baking adventures, hooray. :)

  5. Yay!! FREEDOM!! I am very happy that you made a decision that is going to make you very happy =D Sometimes things are just right, ya know?

  6. YAAAY, good for you Deidre! Life is WAY too short to be stuck doing something you don't enjoy. I'm glad you've broken out.

    Congrats, enjoy your libertad :)

  7. Good for you! That takes guts to quit a job in a foreign country. I've done it...hahah. Every single time I was way more nervous than when I quite a job in the US.

  8. To resign is the worst. I remember working out a speech and then when I actually saw my boss I was rambling on like an idiot. Speech long forgotten.

    But well done on following your heart. Hope you find something perfect!

  9. Tessa - Thank you! I hope the interview went well. I am glad the job has improved and I hope you quickly find a new job without the anxiety.

    Miss Liv - FREEDOM. I am so happy thank you so much for your comment. I guess I am always afraid I am going to regret my decision.

    Crystal - Unemployment sucks - but doing something you hate sucks more. I guess I am lucky that I am a compulsive saver so I have some money to help me through.

    Emily - Oh, there shall be baking adventures - although maybe not from the Babycakes cookbook because the ingredients alone for a single recipe could be like $30.

    Cammy - It feeeels good.

    Kyle - Thank you! You're so right, there is no point on being miserable Every.Single. Day.

    Sara - Interesting, I never thought of it as a expat thing...I've never quit a job in the US though. But you're very right, maybe that does add an extra element of fear.

    Love and Stuff - I am not sure it's the WORST. but it definitely was really awkward. I was a bit worried that if I didn't plan a time to do it I'd end up screaming in our open plan office and having a very public "I QUIT YOU SUCKERS" speech. Which isn't ideal.

  10. Congrats on doing what you feel is best!

    Also, I love the idea of 5/6 days of yoga...enjoy!! Stoppin' by from SITS.