Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fake it until you cake it.

When October comes around I get the urge to bake things. It doesn't matter that right now spring is upon Melbourne (although the weather this weekend certainly doesn't feel like it). The days are getting longer, the weather warmer; instead of you know all you northern hemisphere peeps with your shorter and colder days which beg for baked goods. No, October means baking. I don't know why.

So last weekend, I made a gluten free pumpkin pie.

This weekend, with the help of my Babycakes cookbook, I attempted to make a ginger bread loaf with vanilla icing.

Now if you're not familiar with Babycakes it's a gluten free, vegan, sugar free cook book. It involves strange ingredients like xantham gum and coconut flour and dry soy milk powder. Not to mention Agave Nectar and coconut oil.

So, I made the dough and it actually tasted yummy raw! Now, if you're not familiar with gluten free baking, let me tell you that the dough hardly every tastes good (raw or cooked). And so, I poured it into the loaf pan and baked it.

I don't know about you but I form a relationship with ovens. I totally understand the oven in my apartment. We have an understanding. Inspector Climate's oven? That thing is a mystery. And so, I overcooked the cake. It's like it has a rubber skin on the outside, and when you peel that off (think like the skin of a mango) you get to the delicious light and fluffy gingerbread in the middle. When cooked properly, praise moses, I think this cake might be absolutely divine - even on the terms of thing with gluten. Yeah, I went there!

However, Babycakes also has a recipe for apparently the most delicious frosting in the whole entire world. In their cafe they sell it by the shot glass because people are so addicted to it. It's supposed to chill for six hours so it can set, so this morning when I went to look at was like grainy rice milk-y liquidy custard. It tasted ok, but it looked something horrid and certainly wasn't going to be sold by the shot glass or even spread about my strange needs-to-be-peeled cake.

So, that's the baking adventure of this week.

Any cooking disasters on your horizon?

Anyone else using the Babycakes cook book?


  1. I made an apple/carrot/zucchini bread which was raw-ish in the middle. I ate it anyway.

  2. Oh wow, how funny! Well, at least you can peel your cake and still eat it. I think you must take another stab at that frosting... sounds fab.

  3. I've done a lot of GF baking, so I understand every word of this post. The icing is usually the easiest part? Love the name "Babycakes". If a fella called me that, he might just get lucky...

  4. I want to make these and/or these this week. Pumpkin and feta, yummmm.

    Also this pumpkin bread pudding (essentially baked french toast with pumpkin in) is the easiest, most delicious recipe I have ever met. I bet you could sub in gluten-free bread... :)

  5. Can't say I've ever peeled a cake, and that icing sounds rather Octoberish - scary!

    As long as the cake tastes good, no worries ;)

  6. Twisted Susan - rawish is delish and way better than over cooked!

    Cammy - I'm going to have to try the frosting again, I mean people buy it by the SHOT. Nom nom nom.

    Chris - I know right? This icing is a complete mystery. I think it's because it's vegan and so instead of butter it uses coconut oil.

    Emily - Pumpkin and feta is such a delicious combo. I am sure I could substitute, but gluten free bread is DISGUSTING.

    Jessica - never peeled a cake! It's an experience to be sure :)

  7. If I went to a place that sold frosting by the shot glass, I WOULD NEVER GO HOME.