Saturday, October 09, 2010

I've got a need...for ROCK. and I need your help.

Internets, I have to go to a costume party next weekend. The theme of this party is dress up like your favourite rockstar.

At first I was all, DIANA ROSS and then I realised that I am spectacular shade of lunar white and thus probably couldn't pull of Diana OR Tina Turner. Oh, options how limited you are!

So then, I was like fine. I'll be Pat Benatar. Because let's face it, I channel her something fierce. But I still don't quite know what to wear as Pat...leggings? Something with padded shoulders?

While I was talking to Mrs. Climate about this dilemma last weekend she suggested I go as this:

Oh, Olivia. And how simple this costume would be. Some neon tights. Some neon leotard. Some metallic belt. A headband?

Oh internet, What should I go as?

And perhaps more importantly...who would you go as?

(I think Inspector Climate will be going as Michael Buble).


  1. well if you allow fictional characters then you should go as JEM!!!! d'uh. best rocker ever.

  2. Janet Jackson does rock. And she's...whitish.

  3. No, Olivia doesn't rock. Neither does Michael Buble. You guys aren't really into rock music are you? :P

    I also endorse JEM but mainly because those are my initials.

  4. Tammy Wynette. All you have to do is find a plastic Betty wig and some old 70's wedding dress that suggests your previous occupation was"Street Walker".
    Can't get much whiter than ole' Tammy.
    Maybe not much of a rocker, but you'll leave people guessing.

  5. I've pointed out to the host of the party that I am not sure where the line is drawn on the whole rock/pop/crappy star issue. And he was like "no totally go as Miley...OR BRITNEY" and I was all "um, they don't rock..."

    He seemed not to care. I wanted Inspector Climate to go as Keith Richards...but I think he vetoed that.

  6. now that would be a toughie! Pat Benatar would be fun though.

  7. Definitely go as Pat Benatar! If I could find the right leather pants, and a friend to put on my eyeliner, I'd be Joan Jett.

    As for this year's non-rock costume plans, the boy is--strangely!--not into my GENIUS plan of Couples Costume: Chewbacca (him) and Han Solo (me), so for the moment, I'm stumped. :)

  8. My vote goes for KISS. They were extra white.

  9. I like Pat Benatar. She has a cabin in Minnesota. Plus, she has great girl power music. My vote is for her.