Monday, November 08, 2010

4 days....and I am counting.

I had a whole post set up about some of the ridiculous things that happen in my open planned office at work. However, I just can't bring myself to post them because while I've hated every second of my job, I really love the organisation I work for and if someone were happen to find this blog and associate my experience with them - I'd feel absolutely awful.

So I erased the post. I don't erase posts very often.

But I guess this is something that I just can't write about here.

Is there anything you won't write about on your blog?


  1. My marriage, details about my kids, the fact that my doc just committed major medical negligence that almost killed me .... Yes, there are a whole lot of things that can't be on my blog.

  2. Twisted Susan - I don't write about my parents either.

    Twenty Four at Heart - I can see that, Ugh I cannot believe they missed reading the bracelet and the chart - why do we pay them the big bucks?

  3. I could never write about intimate details about my relationship. Somethings should stay private. Also writing about work can be VERY dangerous.