Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And then I worried...again.

And as of today, I kiss National Blog Posting Month goodbye.

Did I post 30 days in a row. Yes. But something was different. I feel like I haven't gotten my writing juju back from the 8 months of employment sad. Where are you juju?

I've promised myself that this time in unemployment I won't lapse into the familiar pattern of napping during the day and procrastinating on job applications. I need to get things done, be proactive, get volunteering.

Of course, What did I do today? I went to yoga. I took a nap. And I procrastinated on job applications. I like to tell myself that that's ok. Particularly because well, I got a job interview! Squee. Worry has slapped me in the face again. What will I wear? What if they ask me a question I don't know the answer too? What if my shoes don't match my clothes? What if my bra shows through my top? What if I mumble? What if they can't understand my accent and we have awkward conversations about me being from an island in Ireland called Nantucket (true story)????

Help me internets - what's a question that caught you a bit off guard in a job interview?


  1. I hate it when the interviewer says something like, "tell me what some of your weaknesses are." How can that possibly be answered correctly? Generally in an interview, I like to stick to how awesome I am!

  2. On my interview for my current job, my department head asked me if I had a husband/boyfriend and if I was planning on having children soon. Apparently this had been a major problem in the department before I got there.

    Hang in there!

  3. I've gotten ambushed by 'Have you looked at our website?' when I hadn't.

  4. "Describe a time where you experienced diversity in the workplace. What were the benefits and challenges of that diversity?" Good luck with your juju. I agree, I blogged everyday, but never felt like I got in the groove of things.

  5. Jill - That one is tricky! My answer for that is that I am total morning person. It doesn't really make sense. But eh!

    Teacher Girl - Ah, yes. Getting knocked up I guess is a concern. But it must be against the law for them to NOT give you the job because of that...right?

    Susan - Whoops! Noted. I'll definitely look at the website.

    Lilly - Eek! that sounds like a challenging one. Diversity...ok!

  6. I usually do well in interviews. I don't get too hung up on the details because I know everything will be fine.

  7. It's so hard to be proactive when you're the only one screaming for you to get it done, haha! My life every day! Good luck!

  8. Someone once said to me, "This job is really boring. I don't get the impression that you would be satisfied doing something tedious and boring."

    Ok so that wasn't a question - but it threw me for a loop. Of course I wouldn't be satisfied! But what do you say to that?

  9. Michelle - Interesting theory. Don't get hung up on the details!

    Rachel - So true! Luckily I have a support team, well kind of. Everytime someone asks me if I've had any interviews I feel like I've failed if I say no.

    Daisy - someone said that to me too! I was going to have to move into the country for the job too and when I asked if there was social clubs within work I could join they were all like "no we don't really hang out together"

  10. I am not kidding when I say this. I once had an interviewer ask me if my last employer had a tape of me having "relations" with another employee at work. I wasn't sure if this is the type of thing that he usually sees on resumes that come across his desk but at that point I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be working for that weirdo.

  11. Interviews can suck. But remember, the job has to be right for you, so in a sense you are interviewing them to.

    They're the ones who should be nervous!