Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cheese and books and stuff.

Over the weekend Inspector Climate and I binged on cheese. We went to Milawa to the Milawa Cheese Company to help me taste 1000 cheeses for my life list. We got to taste 5 cheese for free (my favourite kind). So I tasted the King River Gold a cheese developed by the Milawa Cheese Company; the Milawa Gold (pictured below), a Milawa 3 year old Cheddar (pictured below), the Milawa Blue (pictured below), goat cheese marinated in garlic chilli and herbs, a goat Camembert, and the Milawa Tomme.

Above is the cheese platter that we ordered because while eating cheese one should go all out! My one complaint about the cheese platter was that the grapes had seeds in them which really ruined the experience. I am so nit picky!

I loved the goat's Camembert. Nom nom Nom.

A couple of weeks ago I also finished the Count of Monte Christo. What a brilliant story! Loved it.

Also some one came upon my blog by searching: why does my lover always be in my dreams.

I love it, yo.


  1. SOunds like fun! But I'm more of a lets go for cake type of person than a cheese one :)

  2. Reading this actually made saliva pool in my mouth.

    I gotta go get some cheese.

  3. LOVE that book! and cheese!! BOBO

  4. FUN!!! And goat cheese...wow. I've had yak yogurt but that's about as exotic as my lactose has been. :)

  5. I love chhheeeesssee!

    That google term is so cute =)

  6. Love and Stuff - cake is also delicious.

    Miss Liv - it was DELICIOUS.

    Bobo - nom nom nom

    Kooky Queen Rachel - yak yogurt? what was that like?

    Cammy - Cheese is gooood. I know it cracked it me up.

  7. That's a good question;
    Why does my lover always be in my dreams?

  8. Susan - It be a good question. Unfortunately, google didn't provide stellar answers.

    Michelle - isn't it? mmm cheese.