Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do rats play frisbee?

I went to the beach today AND I didn't get sunburnt. I know, I was surprised too.

I was going to write this point about what I bring to the beach, what I wear, how cute my beach bags are, how no matter how even if I was having a good self image earlier in the day when I put on a bikini I feel like lard...let me know if you're interested in that post...I won't hold my breath.

Except that at the beach today, I was just hanging out. Chillin' as it were on my ancient Beatles beach towel. When I looked to my right and saw a man bathing is pet rat in the ocean. BATHING HIS PET RAT IN THE OCEAN.

He was shouting rather loudly to his kid on the sure about how well Pet Rat could swim as he let go of the rat and it went swimming around him. He even picked it up to tell the Pet Rat how adorable it was before putting him back into the water.

I have not recovered.

I ask you, oh wise readers, who brings a rat to the beach?


  1. I think the question is who doesn't? :p

  2. A cat would be weirder. I've heard of water rats but never water cats. Except Bangal tigers. A bengal tiger at the beach would be even stranger still.

    I think I need to sleep now.

  3. Give me the name of this beach because it's coming off the vacation list.

  4. Ok after seeing that I would be on the next plane back to the Sates.

  5. Are you sure it wasn't a ferret? I saw a woman playing fetch with her ferret at a lake in Texas once. Yeh, it was odd.

  6. Crystal - You're absolutely right, we're asking the wrong questions.

    Frisky Librarian - When my cat (at home) was a kitten we used to have to watch her paws. and she'd just happily play in the water.

    Pepe le Pew - Well, it's not a great beach anyway, so it's no loss!

    Megs - I think that's a LITTLE overdramatic.

    Sara - Yeah I am sure it was a rat.