Sunday, November 28, 2010

And I still haven't mentioned the time he gave me a detailed run down about the strip club he had gone to the night before.

Every once and a while, I tell Inspector Climate a little detail about some guy I've dated or another such story from the vault. Or perhaps, I share a particularly well written blog post about a dating mishap. Now these little tidbits are usually about Mr. Slurpee. Now, Mr. Slurpee was in my life from about April 2009 until August 2009 (please see the Archives for details). But there are many things that I didn't write about at the time, like how he picked me up from the airport but made me pay for parking. Or how he told me he went shopping for dildos with another girlfriend - you know stuff that didn't shed him the golden glow that he'd become renowned for on this here blog.

Inspector Climate's response is always this: "And you kept DATING this clown?"

Inspector Climate is the most decisive person I know. He likes something or he doesn't. It's black or white for him. I kind of envy that kind of of decision making skill. If he goes on a date with someone and he thinks no. It's no. That's it. No second chance. No rehashing the nights conversations or that small inkling that maybe if the sun had been a bit lower and the music a bit louder or the bread a bit shorter and the hair a bit more parted to right, that just maybe things would have turned out differently.

Me on the other hand, it takes me a long time to be sure. I agonise over decisions and moments we shared wondering if I felt the spark or if I didn't feel the spark or if I could GROW to feel the spark. I fully admit to occasionally giving people one too many chances (Mr. Slurpee I am talking to you!), I do think that seeing the world in shades of grey can be a good thing. In fact, it was a good thing when it came to Inspector Climate. Our first date was pretty great actually, I loved his smile. But, and I've written about this before, I didn't think he could literally hold me up. And I contemplated blowing him off completely - I was sick of giving people chances only to end up with goofy stories at the end of it.

Of course, you know how this story ends.

Here's to the whole spectrum of grey.


  1. Too cute! I think I live in a world of grey too, which sometimes means that I also give people too many chances, but I like it here.

  2. I laughed really hard about you paying for parking when he picked you up. At the time we never think it's a big deal till we look back and slap ourselves in the forehead in a "what was I thinking" manner.

  3. Teacher Girl - Exactly. I think it's a good way to be. :)

    Chicken - This is what I am saying! Seriously, how could I have let that go on and still think it was going to turn out ok in the end? Le sigh.