Monday, November 22, 2010

He gets me. Period.

One of the reasons I went on the pill just under a year ago was because my 'Ladies' time' is a bit all over the place - not hugely - just you know enough to take me by surprise every few months. Of course, as we well know (now anyway) the pill didn't do me any favours. There was the crying. And the crying. And the really itchy, albeit sexy, rash on my legs, arms, chest, and head - da-amn. And the migraines.

But you'd think after nearly 15 years of experiencing the joys of not being pregnant...I'd be able to read the signs.

On Saturday, I talked to my parents about their plans to come visit me in April. When we got off skype I was so absolutely worried and anxious about everything that when Inspector Climate suggested that in five months my parents, us, and his best friend could possibly have dinner together I declared it an impossibility. How dare he suggest such a thing. The nerve. Dinner? Puh-lease.

As we hugged and tears came to my eyes, he suggested that maybe this sudden rare current bout of irrationality might be caused by that time of the month. "Nonsense" said I, "it's only been a couple of weeks." Of course, I was wrong. It was that very specific time of the month.

Ugh, 15 years folks.

At least one of us can read the signs.


  1. Lololol. As soon as my temper starts flaring or I start crying for nothing....I know it's coming.:)

  2. haha, your man does get you! I'm surprised every month, you think I'd figure it out by now. I get insanely hungry and want to eat everything in sight. I get my period and then 2 days after I'm like "ahhh, so that's why I was so hungry!"

  3. Lindsay - I wish I could learn and be as wise as you!

    Kiwi in France - I get really hungry too! le sigh!

  4. So funny! I agree wit the girls. In fact, I am in my hungry beast mode as we speak...

  5. L is really good at reading me. He likes to tease me though and then I get mad and sulk off. Then he usually comes around offering food. It's cute.

    Whoever said the way to a man's heart was through his stomach had obviously not seen a women with pms.

  6. Cammy - Uh oh! get ye to thee kitchen young lady!

    Sara - So true...

  7. Boyfriend is also very perceptive about this. Probably cause he needs to mentally prepare himself for the abuse to come :)
    Oh and the fact that I basically clear out the entire contents of out fridge.